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NBC fires producer over edited Trayvon Martin call

StillStandingHisGround Wrote: Apr 08, 2012 2:58 PM
Fantasy Control: I'll bet this producer has e-mails and all other kinds of other documents that he could use in a court trial that NBC absolutely does NOT want the American public to see - just as I'm sure Mapes and her fellow CBS employees fired because of the Dan Rather fraudulent documents scandal of 2004 had as well on CBS. This is why I'm betting that this producer will walk away with a VERY substantial "undisclosed settlement" to buy his silence.

By Chris Francescani

NEW YORK (Reuters) - NBC News has fired a producer following a probe into its broadcasting of a misleading edit of an audio clip of a 911 emergency response call during coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting, two sources at the network said.

The producer, who was not identified by the sources, is Miami-based. NBC News declined to comment when asked about the dismissal, which the sources said took place on Thursday.

Reuters had previously reported that the "seasoned" producer was at the center of the probe.

NBC News executives interviewed more than half a dozen employees...

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