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usmcpgw: Regarding your 2:27pm post: on why FEMA and the Obama administration aren't scrambling to help the most seriously affected residents hit by Hurricane Sandy, I think Dat1guy had the definitive comment: if your vote for your abusers in government is guaranteed anyway, they have absolutely NO reason to lift a finger to do anything for you. Their sheeple voters matter to them ONLY at election time. The rest of the time, they don't even want to know these sheeple exist. This is why Democrats throw a few peanuts at blacks but nothing more: when their votes are already guaranteed, blacks count only at election time, and then can be ignored - and ARE - the rest of the time.
Ratas y Ratones: "What is coming will be very painful." Obama has to get re-elected first for THAT to happen. And right now, that's ANYTHING but a slam dunk.
LtScrounge: You posted: "Obamao will NEVER be impeached as long as the Dems and their allies the RINOs control more than 32 seats in the Senate. The Dems and RINOs will vote against conviction, no matter what Obamao does. While Johnson and Clinton were brought up on articles of impeachment, neither was convicted." While Andrew Johnson escaped conviction in his impeachment trial, it wasn't the Senators from his OWN party, the Democrat Party, who saved him: the Republicans had more than enough votes in their OWN Senate caucus to convict him, but didn't because several of them broke ranks and voted for acquittal.
carol1415: Then what needs to happen is that many of those who run the facilities who facilitate this type of activity need to have legal action taken against them, and they need to be convicted in court, which will mean career suicide. When enough of them realize that to facilitate such activity is a career-ending move, many of them will seriously rethink being a part of such a thing.
tuttletacoma redux: To finish my thought: for liberal women, it's either spread their legs for these guys or else spend their time alone at home with their cats. I find it amusing how Allison thinks that if someone from the NAACP shows up at your polling place, you're going to run in fear from him. What, is she expecting such a person to show up toting a GUN? If some NAACP person is foolish enough to do so, he can expect a VERY rough time from Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his boys.
tuttletacoma: You posted in part to me at 11:31am: "despite their reputation for being nothing more then baby daddy's, why white women would date blacks lacking education, or careers but then why any woman would date any male who is apparently irresponsible defies all understanding". carol1415 replied to my post: "I am overwhelmingly offended by those little pieces of fluff who think their only way in this world is to spread their legs for every Tom, Dyck & Harry and even some Janes too." Of course, in Liberal World, its men (if these metrosexuals even deserve to be called MEN) don't respect women AT ALL, women are just sexual playthings to them, so for liberal women, it's either spread their legs for these guys or else...
carol1415: Are any of these mentally-deficient people being pulled out of psychiatric facilities by the Dems to go vote? Because if they ARE, if the guardians of these mentally-deficient people found out that their charges were being transported somewhere where the guardians' permission was needed beforehand, wouldn't those at these facilities who authorized these people to be released from the facility to vote be subject to criminal charges?
carol1415: If someone is mentally deficient and has the mental capacity of a 2-year-old, how can the Democrats be sure that even if they can get the person to a polling booth, that person won't just as likely vote for ROMNEY as vote for OBAMA?
tuttletacoma redux: To finish my thought: .......and a way of defiantly saying to them, "Screw YOU, these guys are just misunderstood by society, and by you old white racists, and I'll PROVE it to you." Of course, all they wind up proving is how right their elders were all along.
tuttletacoma: You posted below: "the tramp is another woman who suffers from the stupidity that she can turn losers into winners." It's amazing to me how many such women I see these days. I'm appalled at how many young white girls I see with black guys whose dress and demeanor screams "GANGBANGER!". I ask myself WHAT kind of a future these white girls think life with such a swain will bring them. I think that a lot of these foolish young white girls take up with such guys as an act of rebellion, as a finger in the eye to parents and others who tell them that such guys will only bring a lot of pain and sorrow into their lives and a way of defiantly saying to them, "Screw YOU, these guys are just misunderstood by society, and...
Buck O: So Allison admits she bailed out DeSissy, huh? Let's hope DeSissy skips out on his arraignment! Meaning Allison will be out his bail money!
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