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HermanBB: Hopefully a lot of people today are blaming him with their VOTES.
SuperJustSuper: There are plenty of people walking around today who were told a long time ago that they were terminal and shouldn't be alive by now but ARE because they didn't accept the doctors' verdict as the end of the story but chose to seek instead the report of the Lord. You're right, strictly speaking, we're ALL terminal, but I STILL believe that God does miracles, ESPECIALLY in the realm of healing.
Summers: By the way, if by this time tomorrow Obama has lost, do you still believe that in his remaining 75 days in office, the zookeeper will unlock the cage doors of the most dangerous animals?
HermanBB: Fortunately, I STILL believe we have checks and balances in this society and mechanisms - not all of them OFFICIAL or FORMAL, by the way - that will keep him accountable. If Obama tries to push this country beyond its breaking point in a second term if he gets one, I think he WILL get pushback like he never imagined - and will discover to his utter horror that he CAN'T do anything he darn well pleases.
Summers: You posted: "It doesn't help when you have a bunch of low IQ idiots who refuse to evacuate and fail to get water, flashlights, batteries, candles, and canned food." By the way, in the last few days, I've been beefing my emergency supplies just in case, should Romney win today, some of America decides to go on the warpath over it and bring about a SHTF situation. I have enough of a stockpile to carry on for quite some time, even WITHOUT any water or power. HOPEFULLY, I won't have to put it to use in earnest. Also BTW, I've been keeping you in prayer about your situation.
HermanBB: When I posted, "This is why Democrats throw a few peanuts at blacks but nothing more", I was speaking in RELATIVE terms. They give them handouts enough to keep them at a basic subsistence level of life - but little more. Enough to keep them dependent but not enough to allow them to leave the plantation. And because of white liberals' deference to a sick black inner-city culture, they have successfully managed to make life absolute HELL for many blacks trapped in the inner city. Even with their freebies, kind of hard to enjoy them when you're consigned to live in a war zone. What is Rahm Emmanuel, for example, doing to combat the violence in Chicago that's running a substantial BLACK body count? NOTHING worth mentioning
I think ONE thing you can expect if Obama is re-elected today (and by no means do I think THAT'S a given, in fact, if I HAD to bet the farm one way or another at gunpoint, I'd bet he ISN'T): last year's Black Friday broke all records for gun sales in a single day. THIS year's Black Friday will make LAST year's Black Friday look like a swap meet by comparison in the realm of gun sales for a single day.
As I've often stated on this: if Obama is re-elected today and tries in a second term to make a forcible gun grab via executive orders, then Republican governors and Republican-controlled legislatures need to step up to become a main line of defense and make it clear to Obama that they will neither obey nor enforce such EO's and will not cooperate in any way with federal agencies and personnel that attempt to do so and will in fact make it very difficult for such agencies and personnel to operate in their states. I agree with Stoshio: if Obama tries to forcibly disarm the American citizenry, I'd like to see who he's going to be able to marshall to DO it, and any such attempt WOULD prompt a bloody civil uprising.
usmcpgw redux: This is also what happens to people who learn to love Big Brother (the government): they learn in the hardest way possible that not only does Big Brother NOT love them BACK, it has nothing but CONTEMPT for them, and will gleefully DEMONSTRATE that contempt. Maybe the (non)-response of the governmental authorities who are PAID, after all, to be helping these people will cause many of them in future election cycles to seriously reassess their votes for the party of big government (Democrat) - but I'm not hopeful. Mayor Bloomberg's demonstration of utter contempt for them the other day should teach them a lesson: vote for people who treat you like dirt - and they're going to CONTINUE to treat you like dirt.
usmcpgw: Regarding your 2:27pm post: on why FEMA and the Obama administration aren't scrambling to help the most seriously affected residents hit by Hurricane Sandy, I think Dat1guy had the definitive comment: if your vote for your abusers in government is guaranteed anyway, they have absolutely NO reason to lift a finger to do anything for you. Their sheeple voters matter to them ONLY at election time. The rest of the time, they don't even want to know these sheeple exist. This is why Democrats throw a few peanuts at blacks but nothing more: when their votes are already guaranteed, blacks count only at election time, and then can be ignored - and ARE - the rest of the time.
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