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What do you mean FDR saved the Jews? You best go and reread the history of WWII. FDR didn't save anyone, look up the 1939 incident of the SS St Louis. During the war various Jewish organizations smuggled out credible information about the Nazi extermination camps in Poland and begged the Allies to bomb the railroad lines to stop the flow of people to the death camps. This information certainly reached FDR's desk and guess what the Allies would not divert the resources to do this task, rather they chose to bomb German industrial and military targets. Even the Vatican colluded to steal Jewish assets and help round up European Jews. So one must be left to conclude that nobody cared about the Jews except the Jews and a relative few Christians.
I doubt Lincoln would have had the support of many states for war if South Carolina had not fired on a Federal installation or other states hadn't seized Federal property. So your the South did it peacefully argument I think is false. However its interesting to speculate what might have happened had the South allowed the Federal installations to exist and waited about a year or two as a cooling off period and exercised patience and just let the passions die down a bit. Perhaps lacking enough support for War Lincoln would have been forced to compromise. Firing on Ft Sumter gave Lincoln all the excuse he needed to go to war with the South because it galvanized Northern public opinion.
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sthomas Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 12:05 PM
I'm thinking about Nixon in 73-74 after Watergate. We have a long period of national trauma played out every day on TV. Remember Clinton in 96-97? What do we get? A wounded President a divided congress and a deeply divided nation. After two years of this stuff perhaps the Republican party manages to flip the Senate, and perhaps gets enough to vote for impeachment. Its going to take that long to get enough evidence anyway because everyone is going to lawyer up. 2014 comes around the heat gets too hot and with the 2016 elections on the horizon the Presidents handlers look around and force Obama to resign. We get Biden! Wow what a bargain! Plus probably a presidential pardo too. Meanwhile the nation tanks & we drift like flotsam for 4 years.
Dr Elder, Tell your child that this is what happens when you combine equal parts affirmative action + a fawning media establishment = Obama Presidency and when the veil is lifted and people see what it is you have something called the Peter Principle at work. Tell them that there is another model out there that you could follow to achieve greatness. Tell them about people like Dr Booker T Washington and Dr. Condoleeza Rice, Dr Charles Drew, Dr Martin Luther King Jr and many other people who succeeded at a time when America was much more racially biased due to their hard work, perseverance and competence in spite of race because of the content of their character rather than because of race using it as a lever as President Obama has
Mary, You lost me a little at the free education part, People who work hard and pull themselves up from poverty white or black or purple all have something in common and its called a work ethic and a determination to succeed through their own hard work, They don't expect free anything and learn how to overcome economic inequality by figuring out strategies to take them from a lower to a higher economic strata. Earning a scholarship is about hard work! You have to earn it, Yes I agree its great to have some encouragement and support models to follow along the way. America is great because it still offers equal opportunities but not equal outcomes in Obama's world view that model is reversed as we all deserve equal outcomes
Great point but as I look backwards to what happened in 2008 I see that race does matter and that many people got caught up in the fact that they could somehow erase a lot of wrongs in this countries history of racial relations in one go. I attribute this to the fact that most Americans are decent and have a sense of fair play and adopted an oh lets give a guy a chance attitude because he looked harmless enough kind of thing, Unfortunately, when giving someone a chance they forgot to take into account all other qualifications that you use to elect a president, like is Community Organizer, part time Senator and full time campaigner really a resume that qualifies someone to be the leader of the free world?
Yes by all means keep believing what you posted and get ready to be disappointed on Nov 6th, the 2010 election was just a preview of what is going to happen not only to President Obama but in all the down ticket races, The polls got that wrong too, Polls are not what they used to be Oversampling of Democrats, calling only people with landlines, turnout models that use 2008 as their data point that will skew the results, You have to be worried that all the so called states Obama had locked before the debates are now in play and the gap has closed in gender, party affiliation, etc causing Obama to campaign there and more importantly spend money there that he doesn't have, The Romney people are burying the democrats in spending now
The whole load.....hmmmm as in load of cr@p? load of garbage? load of malarkey. load of "stuff", load of booze, load of BS.....etc
Ah Joe The gift that just keeps on giving and giving, Every court needs its jester, every village its idiot!
Today is Halloween and there is DWS,riding her broom coincidence? I think not
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