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Watchdog Scrutiny Prompts Denver Schools to Drop Teacher ‘Social Justice’ Standard

stho Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 1:11 AM
So that you suppose it is this kind of large deal to have lecturers make our children think between the lines? Why may we want robots for children? Have you ever noticed China's education machine? They are all little robots! For this reason The us is GREAT as a result of we predict for ourselves! (now not selfishly) I agree,

DENVER – Chalk one up for America and the Independence Institute.

In August, EAGnews reported on a new teacher evaluation system proposed in Denver which would rate teachers as “distinguished” – the highest rating – when they:

- Encourage students to “challenge and question the dominant culture.”
- Encourage students to take social action to change/ improve society or work for social justice.
- Use Visuals and artifacts to represent various cultures/world groups.

The system, first uncovered by the Independence Institute, put a strong emphasis on “social justice” activities. It would naturally require...