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So, the brilliant ones in our goobermint want a "deal" so that we, and the rest of the world, bleed to death slowly rather than sewing up the wound thus stopping the blood that is flowing freely now. If Iran continues on the same road of building their "bomb", just keep squeezing their economy harder and harder. Or, as a last resort, destroy their centrifuges and then we don't have to worry about it.
If "your news" is like much news in this country, citizens have very little choice on what info. they are fed by their local TV news and newspapers. My city and surrounding area served by the paper has a population of around 200,000 yet the only picture they get of national news comes from one source, the Associated Press. That is certainly hog slop for the liberal pigs only.
Exactly. It is just so simple and is so justified by what Obama is doing to this country and the Congress itself. Common sense no longer exists when it comes to politics it seems. There just is no way the media could justify slamming the Republicans for using the nuclear option in this case because it is such an important Constitutional separation of powers safeguard.
In other words, journalism will never return and we are going to be stuck with this biased bs which passes as news forever.
He loves this country more and more each and every year because it has been transformed into "his" America as he has been able to mold and shape it to his and the Dimorat's liking. Why wasn't he saying these lovey, dovey things about the USA before he transformed it. I think most of us don't really realize just how much our beloved country has already been "transformed" by this clown.
Maybe instead of states we ought to actually start having the media display the "regions" on all of the states that are red and blue. In other words, Illinois, for example would be nearly all red except for the northern area around Chitcago.
What has our country come to that members of the military and vets/retirees must "hide" their history of years and years of sacrifice and accomplishments from their families, friends and acquaintances, not just on social media, but even in their daily lives. Several years ago the Air Force and probably all the services got rid of the "base stickers" that used to allow you to be waived through the entry gates to restricted military installations. One of the reasons given for this was so that members would not be identified as part of the military by the stickers on the windshields of their cars. Just how far down the rabbit hole do we go before we decide to actually take control of our own future rather than just sparring with the enemy? The enemy which our present administration will not identify.
This is the Obama Administration's version of "Ops Sec" for the United States Department of Defense. What ever happened to "loose lips sink ships" and those other slogans or even regulations/laws on exposing "classified" operational planning? Maybe they feel that by warning the enemy they will get scared and just surrender without a fight? Who duh thunk?
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