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The food industry can collapse/disappear or pass the "pay a fortune" on to you, the consumer/user.
Maybe we could include the "media" and their receiving jail time for mis-leading the people either thru lies or ommissions.
They already have. The Supreme Court decision in the 30's or early 40's that a farmer growing wheat for his own use and feeding of his own cows was "interstate commerce" and therefore the federal government had control over how much he could grow, etc. Everything one does affects "interstate commerce".
Maybe that is the intent? Central planning and community/government five year plans in the Soviet Union worked out so well, especially for the Ukranians. However, Obama's legions of intellectuals, I am sure, know how to do it much better and of course they know all about farming and ranching and, ---------------------just everything that controls our daily lives and activities. Folks, this government and the bureaucrats working there are getting truly dangerous.
I was under the impression that Brenner was the one who said that there was not a "war on terror". "Terror is a tactic". You don't have a war against a tactic. But now we justify drone strike because we are in a "war on terror"? I thought we were at war with "Al Queda" and not Islam or muslims as a whole. Also, when did Obama and Congress declare "war" on just whoever or whatever we are at war with?
And you thought Obamacare was about "health care"? This massive, all encompassing law will eventually takeover your lives from birth to death. It is all about power and control of we, the people who are supposed to be in charge of our government, Obviously, we no longer want the responsibility. We have acquiesed to those who obviously know more about how we should live our lives than we ever could. Baaaaaaa, Baaaaa, fellow sheeples.
Why did no one ask "why was General Ham forced to retire"?
No way should this butt kisser be confirmed. It's all about him and to hell with the USA. This man is as much of a narcissist as is obama.
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