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Local or National Elections?

SteveTate Wrote: Oct 16, 2014 2:35 PM
Thomas Sowell is respected by all conservatives, so it is wonderful to see him speaking out on this important issue. Liberals did not take over our society in a single election, and we cannot win it back all at once. We need to compromise in order to win, without forgetting our ultimate goal of returning our country to a small-government republic adhering to the Constitution. It's along difficult road.
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Blacks and Obama

SteveTate Wrote: Dec 05, 2013 8:46 PM
Dr. Williams, you sell America short. The failure of Obama will not be seen as due to his race. It will be seen as a failure of the American people to sufficiently vet a candidate. We will sheepishly admit that we voted for him because he was black and promised to unite a divided country as only a black could do. He said his administration would be transparent and post all legislation before it was passed. We should have known he was lying, but we wanted to believe. We ignored his history of associating with anti-American elements. We failed to demand an accounting of the missing parts of his life....his grades, his travels,his friends. He was just so cool...and sounded so sincere. He was lying about everything. We goofed.
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Remembering Stanley Ann Dunham Obama

SteveTate Wrote: Nov 22, 2013 4:21 PM
Obama is a student of, and a teacher of, the Saul Alinsky method...as explained in the book "Rules for Radicals." Understanding that explains and predicts most of Obama's unethical behavior. A lie told to accomplish a good is permissible. The end justifies the means. Illegal voting to elect the right candidate is acceptable. This is the philosophy of the radical leftists who are presently in power in our country. If we don't understand that and combat it effectively, we are doomed.
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Random Thoughts

SteveTate Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 7:56 PM
Regarding drones killing Americans, I agree with Dr. Sowell if the argument is being made that these Americans are enemy combatants. That is the argument that Bush made. But Obama is not making that argument. He is taking the police officer vs criminal approach, where an officer can use deadly force when the suspect is an imminent threat to the life of another and other means of apprehension have failed or are impossible. That is a dangerous use of police authority when the people being killed aren't really an immediate threat.
The family is heavily in debt and the parent decides it's time to cut back on the spending. He tells the teenager he has to give up his credit card, because the teenager has not been using it responsibly. The teenager is angry and screams, "You're doing this because you hate me!" That's right. We're telling the President he has to quit spending so much, so we must hate him.
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Justice for No One

SteveTate Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 5:09 PM
On 9/11/01 terrorists attacked the United States and President Bush took bold and dramatic action. On 9/11/12 terrorists attacked the United States and President Obama pretended it didn't happen.
Muzzle loaders were needed to keep in check an overbearing government armed with muzzle loaders. The governments of today require more sophisticated weapons in the hands of the people. Ignorance of the Framers' intent is not justification to mock those who understand.
The principals of the Constitution never go out of date, though they hinder tyranny in every age.
It's ironic (or perhaps not) that they're trying to take our guns away as we approach the time we most need them. We see what is happening in Greece with their financial crisis. Unions are rioting in the street, and Greece has the EU to bail them out. We see what unions did in Wisconsin when they were only being asked to contribute a little more for their health care. What might happen with a full economic crisis where welfare payments are cut in half, public union contracts are terminated, and entitlement programs run out of money? The police could not be counted on, especially when their own families were being threatened. The LA riots would look like a picnic. That's when we need guns at least as effective as the gangs have.
After the 1960s the left took over public education in America. That was the plan and it has worked. Now they have successfully "educated" the minorities in our biggest cities. Minorities now understand that they are victims and, as such, are fully entitled to housing, food, and spending money. Anything unfortunate that happens to them is a result of racism. Racism if prevalent in our society and all whites are racist. But by definition, an African-American cannot be racist. Once you understand that, you understand how the Marion Barrys of our world are elected to office. It's all part of the plan.
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