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These third world people think winning an election enables them to do whatever they want to the losers. DEMOCRACY really means accommodations, in which everyone gets a little of what they want, in exchange for a smoothly running society.
The system is not at fault. It's our Western culture which insists men should manage women.
How do the millions of widows and divorcees manage? Just as well as your wife will manage without you. Statistically, she will outlive you.
True, just as the Turkish politicians did to their own country.
We already have him, and the needlessly dead soldiers to prove it.
The Russians, during the last war that America won, armed over 2,000 female snipers. They would not have done so, when they were fighting for their existence, had those females been ineffective on the battlefield.
Hooey! He was rejected by the Marines and the Paratroopers because he had a bad back, proven by X-rays. He was more than a fine foot soldier! He was the MOST DECORATED soldier in the American Army during the last war that America won.
Hooey! Pvt. Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko fought about two and a half months near Odessa. There, she recorded 187 kills. In May 1942, Lieutenant Pavlichenko was cited by the Southern Red Army Council for killing 257 German soldiers. Her total confirmed kills during WWII was 309 enemy. Lyudmila killed 36 enemy snipers. She found the kill logbook of one of the Nazi snipers she killed. He had taken the lives of over 500 Soviet snipers. I would rather have fought with that woman than with some of the COWARDS who refused to fight with me in Vietnam, though they were in the same unit and only a few hundred yards from me. They even REJOICED when they thought the enemy had beaten me, because such a defeat would have justified their cowardice/failure to act.
We didn't! Molly Pitcher fought for us, as an artillery...person.
I will do that, while a woman MORE fit than Audie Murphy, fires over me. Of course, as a former Paratrooper, I'm bright enough to shed some of that equipment first.
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