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The Diversity Fetish

Steve of CA Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 7:07 PM
My dad was educated in a one room schoolhouse in rural Missouri, He skipped two grades, entered SW Missouri State at age 15, and became a meteorologist in the army in WW2,which became his career. But he also was bullied by some older kids

There is an uplifting American feel about a university, a workplace or a neighborhood brimming with people of different races. It is the product of a nation assembled of people from everywhere else. From many places, one people.

Other nations have diversity of a sort, but no one can go to France and become French. I cannot go to Brazil and become Brazilian. The diversity of America, an assemblage of skin colors painted with a wide swath of history from immigration to slavery, has become a uniquely beautiful concept.

Leave it to government to screw it up.