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NCAA Slaps Penn State with $60 Million Fine, Sanctions

Steve of CA Wrote: Jul 23, 2012 2:43 PM
Maybe this is unfair but my impression of Penn State is that it is dominated by a devotion to the football team and heavy drinking, with academics taking a back seat. Is that correct? Of course, at almost any college one can advance in academic knowledge with hard work and self-determination
Mike ATX Wrote: Jul 23, 2012 2:49 PM
I'm a big college football fan, but I'd say that too much importance is put on the football team at all of the big time programs, and many of the 2nd tier ones as well. Unfortunately, each school has the choice to keep up or fall behind, and falling behind hurts not only the school's enrollment but the surrounding community as well.

NCAA President Mark Emmert announced sweeping sanctions against Penn State University this morning, in response to the horrific child sex abuse scandal that has rocked the school's venerable football program.  The university's own investigation -- led by former FBI director Louis Freeh -- determined that top university officials and football personnel, including the late Joe Paterno, participated an extensive cover-up to protect Penn State football.  These actions enabled former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky to continue to rape children, some of whom he victimized inside PSU football facilities.  Emmert described the "punative and corrective" measures the NCAA has...

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