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That is a weak response, Dobermite.
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Democrats Don't Debate; They Distort

Steve of CA Wrote: Jun 24, 2014 2:31 AM
About Iraq, it is terrible what is happening now, but we should never have gone in there. Who lied, which side is more at fault, is just trading recriminations. Both Bush and Obama should have known better than to stir up the hornet's nest of the Muslim world. It would have been better to have let the secular dictators stay in power.
When it comes to cussing I doubt there is much difference between liberals and conservatives. This column falls into the "so what?" category.
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Obama's Deficient Student Loan Plan

Steve of CA Wrote: Jun 23, 2014 12:39 AM
Best solution, if possible, is to avoid borrowing any money. Go to a community college while working, then transfer to a state college.
So he and his family were having fun with squirt guns. BFD. Supporting gun control does not make one anti-gun, much less anti-squirt gun.
Yes, not enforcing immigration laws allows employers to exploit illegal immigrants by paying them sub-minimum wages, making them work unpaid overtime and not conforming to safety laws and other laws that protect these workers.
Oregon has very different political and cultural regions. My guess is that this is an area where many farmworkers live.
It is not in Portland. It is a rural district, closest to Woodburn.
Perhaps Milbank overreacted, but so does Benson. Gabriel did come across as berating this women in a hostile manner. That she opened her tirade by stating she was glad the lady asked her question is irrelevant.
"Mainstream" does not mean you lack convictions, it means you are not an extremist or an ideologue.
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