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Leave it to Obama to play politics with this. Of course "the dastardly rr R rReeeepublicans" are to blame. Of course. And certainly we can trust the man who gave us Fast and Furious, Bengazi, Lybia, Did nothing to help Iranian citizens when they struggled against tyranny. Does nothing to help coal miners while he's happy to hand tax payer money to Auto worker unions who fund his campaign. Gave us NSA-gate, spies on reporters, flies unmanned drones on US soil and will happily use them on US citizens, uses the IRS to go after political opponents during an election, and runs around going on expensive golf trips on tax payer funded vacations while he pretends he does not know anything about any of the above.
Why don't you leave the US and take the rest of the NSA thugs with you. People who spy on their own citizens do not belong in the US, nor people who enable such thuggery. If anyone should be in jail its the head of the NSA and Obama as well.
I agree, high school drop-outs will never amount to anything. http://www.increasebrainpower.com/high-school-dropouts.html Richard Branson ... billionaire.. George Carlin ... Comedian Jim Carrey ... Comedian / Actor Tom Cruise ... Actor George Eastman ... Founded Kodak Albert Einstein ... not sure what he did, think he might have run a hamburger stand or something... What was your point again?
He is a hero to me. I guess you have no problem the US government treating its citizens as criminals and spying on us all. I sure do.
Agreed. All these low-lifers on here who are attacking this heroic man are supporting the destruction of the US into a China-like state of government surveillance of its citizens and soon we will have to have permits to carry vinegar (as per Brazil).
Amen. This man is a hero, and the people denigrating him are supporting tyranny which my ancestors fought against. If you consider him a scumbag, please leave the US and never return. Thanks.
I don't need 900 types, only the one type that puts a bullet into the head of anyone who threatens my family in our home.
We have to survive not only the next 4 years, but all the damage that Obama will leave in his wake which will take a hundred years to undo, and Obamacare will be almost impossible to ever get rid of. :(
We all need to get out there and vote and bring people with us. We can't live through another 4 years of Obama, we need a REAL president, not a golf playing Las Vegas lovin' frat boy.
I won't go angrily into the voting booth, that's what Obama wants his supporters to do, because he has nothing else to run on. Instead I will go in there for love of country, and even tho my state of California is hopelessly lost, I will still proudly vote against Obama and for Mitt Romney.
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