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No Matter How Hard He Tries, Obama Will Never Be as Bad as FDR

Steven H of WA Wrote: Oct 14, 2012 4:31 PM
Government has the soul of a gangster! It extorts from the successful and uses the money to provide cushy living for its loyal supporters and cheap vice to the poor (unlimited leisure time with no responsibility to oneself, to ones soul mate, or to ones children). Just like a city taken over by the mob, small businesses slowly disappear, the middle class moves away, and the low life ruffians take over the streets. Like the mob run casinos and speak-easies of the 30s, Big Business sidles up to the Big Government to get its cut of the booty (think Fanny & Freddy and the Big Banks).

I’ve explained on many occasions that Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal was bad news for the economy. And the same can be said of Herbert Hoover’s policies, since he also expanded the burden of federal spending, raised tax rates, and increased government intervention.

So when I was specifically asked to take part in a symposium on Barack Obama, Franklin Roosevelt, and the New Deal, I quickly said yes.

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