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5 Types Of Liberals Who Need Sensitivity Training

Steven F Wrote: Apr 13, 2013 2:10 PM
I believe atheists are wrong, but they are not all morons. The only actual atheist I have ever actually heard discuss the subject is Penn Gillette. I don't accept his conclusions, but he is anything but a moron.
Sensitivity training, also known as diversity training, is a type of program designed to help facilitate respect between groups that include people with different genders, religions, ages, races, or sexual orientations. The exact procedures can vary depending on the leader of the training, but typically involve lectures, discussions, and exercises to help participants understand and respect one another.


...The program can guide participants to the realization of how their actions can potentially be misconstrued by people who have different beliefs or backgrounds. For example, a person may not realize his or her words or actions may be...