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Obama's Ruling Class

Steven Den Beste Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 3:47 PM
I imagine a cartoon: a bunch of zebras are standing around, looking at a lion. One says, "What are you doing here? We've declared this a lion-free zone."

President Obama has spent a lot of time excoriating the "rich" who refuse to pay "their fair share."  It's a transparent effort to divide and conquer Americans based on wealth -- as transparent as his hostility to those who prosper as a result of their own hard work and initiative (of course "you didn't build that"!).

But don't misunderstand: President Obama isn't really interested in "leveling." everyone.  He's simply determined to establish a different hierarchy of privilege -- one which, conveniently, puts him at the top. In Obama's America, there shouldn't be "rich" and "poor," don't you know.