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What Does the Next GM Bankruptcy Look Like

steven, cpo,usn(ret) Wrote: Aug 08, 2012 1:05 PM
Kevin32 - Nothing wrong? Are you an idiot? GM has been losing market share for a long time now. You disagree with Toyota, Honda, etc, that is your opinion. The last (and only GM product I had was a Cavalier... never again.) The day (and I mean literally the day after the company warranty ended, the driver's side window wouldn't work. The problem was the plastic/nylon cog was stripped. Could I replace the cog... no, I had to buy a whole new motor unit. F_U. Ford is another story... have had several fords. (1971 mustang mach I, 1986 Maverick, 1993 ford escort) that I liked and could do minor repairs myself. Currently own: 1997 Ford Ranger pickup, 1991 Mercedes SL500, and two motorcycles: 1993 BMW K75RT and an 1985 BMW K100RS.

It’s not too early to start thinking about how the next great crisis in the auto industry will shake up the world.

With the general economic slow down worldwide, declining auto sales and uncertainty surrounding the future direction of the automotive market, another automaker meltdown isn’t out of the question.

And because the high profile federally-financed bailout for GM has generally gotten poor reviews from politicians, voters and Wall Street, General Motors is a good place to start to look at what the next automotive bankruptcy could entail.

Already there is at least one suit pending that threatens to undo the work...

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