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ncollins329 might, which is why I mentioned it. People who have read and enjoyed the same book are like that.
I didn't have to buy a copy -- one was loaned to me. But I'd gladly buy one for you if you'd like to read it. I think spending some time with Mr Zamperini would do you a world of good.
As I stated before, sales were about 4 million, counting print, audio book, and e-book, as of July of this year. I consider that a great deal of interest, but then I'm not blinded by free-floating anger, and reading of Mr Zamperini's life has helped me avoid that.
I agree -- it is incredible that he survived such an ordeal. And that he bravely faced the effects it had on his personal life after the war, and emerged such a generous, decent man.
Actually his story does resonate with modern America. According to a July, 2014 post on the USA Today website, "Unbroken" had sold about 4 million units (that's counting printed books, audio books, and digital downloads), and had been on their best-seller list for 160 weeks. I've had the pleasure of reading the book, and discussing it at length with a couple other people who have also read it, and would have to say that spirit of Mr. Zamparini is vastly different than that demonstrated in your comment.
I agree. The Ravens and the NFL botched this from the first day. ESPN "Outside The Lines" did an article in September which goes into detail about who knew what when. The Ravens knew a great deal within hours of the incident, and the NFL conveniently rolled over for as long as they could. http://espn.go.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/11551518/how-ray-rice-scandal-unfolded-baltimore-ravens-roger-goodell-nfl As horrible as Rice's behavior was -- and he should have been suspended for the season -- he actually comes across as more honest than the Ravens and the NFL.
Thank you for proving my point about your anger issues.
No one does a better job of dividing us than FOX news and talk radio. It's their bread and butter.
I'm well aware that this is a political website. Unfortunately some people have to see politics in everything, and remain angry to constantly bolster their feeling of victimization.
CompCon: I'm thankful that of the many people I know -- on both sides of the political fence -- that none are as miserable and angry as you; do not feel the emotional need to politicize everything; and are not on the pathetic, perpetual search for something to divide us.
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