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WAPO Fawns Over Infamous Justice Department Official Who Covered Up Fast and Furious Connection to Brian Terry Murder

Steven668 Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 2:40 AM
Yes, if it turns out that no guns were actually smuggled to Mexico, and the DOJ never actually implemented a plan code-named Fast and Furious, then we can close the book. On the other hand, if any of that actually did happen, then somebody at DOJ is guilty of conspiracy to commit a felony, blackmail, criminal activity under color of authority, smuggling, accessory to murder, withholding evidence, and obstruction of justice. If the investigation is ever complete, we will probably find out that is just the tip of the criminal iceberg over at DOJ.

The Washington Post, the same newspaper that falsely smeared border state gun dealerships as cartel suppliers before the Fast and Furious scandal broke, has a new piece out by Ann Marimow fawning over former Department of Justice Deputy Attorney General Jason Weinstein, who resigned in September.

A high achiever

Weinstein came to Washington as a teenager in 1982 to compete in the National Spelling Bee, having won the regional championship in San Antonio. The son of a hospital administrator and a nurse, he was a high achiever from the get-go. He also was captain...