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Republicans Have Bad Brains?

Steven668 Wrote: May 03, 2012 2:27 AM
Nope. Just irrelevant. Johnson, like many other presidents, swallowed his bile and signing a law that he did not like, fearing correctly that a veto would trigger riots in the streets. Wilson saw women as an easily led voter bloc. NASA was funded in the 1960's because JFK shot off his mouth one day, all too publicly. The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1934 did a heck of a lot more than shut minors out of the labor force, and very little of it promoted actual fairness for laborers. Your argument is invalid.

"They do that because they were born that way."

If you say that about homosexuals, you are tolerant and realistic. If you say it about blacks, you are racist (unless you're black yourself). If you say it about women, you may or may not be sexist, depending on who is manning (er, womanning) the feminist battle stations. If you say it about men, you just might be a writer for Esquire. But if you say it about conservatives, you're a scientist.

Over the past decade, a new fad has taken hold among academics and liberal journalists: call it the new science...