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It sounds like Cameron is threatening to stop trade with Scotland if they vote for independence. I'm not sure if he is threatening a complete blockade, or if he is just going to stop trade between England and Scotland. Has England really become such a hole that only Scottish business is keeping the UK tax revenues flowing?
There are a number of ways to let a first time shooter safely handle an Uzi or M-16, even on full auto. The armed forces do it all the time. Part of it is instruction protocol, part of it is limiting the number of rounds in the magazine, and part of it is good old eternal vigilance. The tether is not a bad idea, either, if you are going to insist on letting people fire sustained bursts.
This is why everyone should own guns and know how to use them. The 9 year old was not the problem. The Uzi was not the problem. The problem was an Uzi in the hands of a 9 year old who did not know what to expect from a fully automatic weapon, and adults who were complacent in a potentially dangerous situation. Actors do a lot of things in action movies that just don't work in real life.
Just read it. The law seems to say that any allegation of assault is considered to be true until proven otherwise by a preponderance of evidence, and that the college or university is required to contaminate or muddle any evidence available to the point of uselessness before contacting proper authorites. They also need to hire a truckload of out-of-work psychology majors to soak up money and pretend to offer victim services of some sort. Does that sum it up?
OK, let's see if I understand this. If some bimbo parties a little harder than she had planned , she can pick some random guy and cry rape to the campus rent-a-cops. Asking no questions, and never notifying a real cop, they will throw the guy out of school, ruin his chances for a career, and pat themselves on the back for their excellent police work and adherence to proper procedure. Is that the essence of this new law?
"This bill is very simple; it just requires colleges to adopt policies concerning sexual assault, domestic violence, gang violence and stalking," Everything listed in that quote is a criminal matter, and the State of California has had clear, well defined policies on all of them for over 170 years. Why is it suddenly necessary for colleges to develop new, unrelated policies for matters that are properly police business under the jurisdiction of the State? Are college campuses extraterritorial in some way? If so, how is that possible, especially since many colleges are actually organs of the State?
Well, Obama's approval rating in the United States is above 40 percent, so we have no room to criticize.
Nice try. No sale.
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Steven668 Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 1:34 PM
California has had a law requiring motorists to purchase insurance for over 20 years. Why do we suddenly need a new law requiring motorists to purchase insurance? How many laws do we need requiring motorists to purchase insurance?
So if the standards are so rigorous and uncompromising, why are people reporting entire classes that do not seem to address them?
Even without political bias, history teaches us that we are the luckiest SoBs in the world. But to know that, one has to compare the outcome of the American Revolution with the outcomes of every other revolution that has taken place in the last 400 years or so. Ours is the only one where the leaders of the revolution did not use victory to entrench themselves in power. That is not a politically biased conclusion, it is just a statement of fact.
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