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So the keeping and bearing of arms is still just a privilege in Georgia, not a right. The question still stands: When the State of Georgia decides to revoke a persons arms-bearing privilege, how does that work if there is no record of the privilege being granted in the first place?
I do have one question. If there is no record (database) of Weapons Carry License holders, what is the point of a Weapons Carry License in the first place?
I repeat. It is not possible to make a "fair" income tax. We already hear a constant drumbeat against "greedy corporations" and the "subsidies" that the tax deductions they can use represent. How much worse will it be when those "greedy corporations" are not taxed at all? There is another problem. Under the 16th Amendment, the federal government can still tax individuals, whether with a consumption tax or an income tax. This effectively reverses the roles of the federal and State governments. Before the 16th Amendment, the federal government worked for the States. Now the States work for the federal government. As long as this remains true, we will continue to decline, regardless of how the federal government chooses to tax its citizens directly.
You already have no one to defend you. If you are robbed or attacked, that policeman will be somewhere else. He can only collect evidence and try to find whoever attacked you, after the damage is done. You already provide all the things your taxes buy. Why pay a bureaucrat to buy them for you? How does the bureaucrat know better than you what you need?
A fair income tax is impossible. Consider that a business is taxed on profits, but a family is taxed on gross revenue. Yes, I know the tax code gives a nod to living expenses with the standard deduction and Schedule A, but these deductions are all extraordinary expenses, not the daily expenses of running a family, or even basic survival. Almost every penny a business spends is deductible, leaving only net profits as taxable income. Only a few selected expenses for an individual are deductible, which means that most people are taxed on their gross revenues, regardless of their actual operating expenses. Since an individual is as valid a legal entity as a corporation, this is patently unfair, and constitutes a bill of attainder against private persons. We could tax businesses on their gross receipts, but that would quickly bankrupt most businesses, destroying most individuals' revenue streams. We could tax individuals on their net profits, but most individuals don't have net profits, so a huge tax source would just disappear. Obviously, any attempt to make the tax code apply equally to every taxable entity would fail. The only possible solution is to repeal the 16th Amendment and end income taxes forever. The United States of America presided over the most explosive economic growth in human history, while simultaneously financing at least 7 successful wars, and enjoying a negligible domestic crime rate, all without once resorting to an income tax. Why is it so unreasonable to abandon our current financial disaster in favor of a system that consistently proved successful for over 120 years?
A bunch of people whose only skill is to make people dislike them less than whoever else wants their job is going to design and implement an education system better than the one that taught ten generations of Americans how to work their way to the moon using hydrogen gas and a pocket calculator? Seriously?
Of course mental illness can be real. The problem is diagnosing it, and nobody even remotely involved with government has any business participating in such decisions.. Since confinement for treatment is a "kindness," it would be far easier to recommend someone for treatment for their delusions than to trump up some criminal charge to get them out of the way. Power, however slight, is always abused.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. If those words don't make you rethink your zeal to lock up anyone who thinks or acts differently than you, then in my considered opinion, you are a danger to yourself and everyone around you. "Mental health" is almost entirely a subjective concept. One person's insanity is often another's genius. In your world, there would not be a comedian in existence outside of a mental institution. Teenagers, of course, would be committed routinely at the age of 14 and evaluated for release only after their 25th birthday.
Oddly enough, that is EXACTLY what one does with an autistic-spectrum child. It takes a lot of patience, persistence, and understanding, and not a little bit of help, but yes, autistic people are taught to act and think in ways that bypass their autism. We never really get cured, exactly, but we do learn to function effectively among "normal" people.
"... perhaps proper legislation can be passed in order to prevent this type of thing from happening again." WTF???!! What legislation do you propose? It shall henceforth be a felony to feel alone, and any person charged with this crime shall be tried as an adult regardless of the defendant's age? Any person raising a child with social or emotional issues shall be imprisoned for not less than ten years? Behaving in a way not considered socially beneficial shall be punishable by death? You can't legislate mental health. You can't legislate happiness. You can't legislate a positive mental attitude, and you absolutely can't legislate hope and kindness. Threats will always exist, no matter what laws are passed. The only way to defend against such threats is to allow and encourage people to defend themselves against them. Making felons out of everybody who has a bad day is not only evil, it won't work.
So you seem to be saying that, regardless of law, gay people can be as bigoted as they like, and act on it, but anyone else who wants to make his own business decisions is probably a racist. Makes perfect sense to me. Sort of.
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