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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. If those words don't make you rethink your zeal to lock up anyone who thinks or acts differently than you, then in my considered opinion, you are a danger to yourself and everyone around you. "Mental health" is almost entirely a subjective concept. One person's insanity is often another's genius. In your world, there would not be a comedian in existence outside of a mental institution. Teenagers, of course, would be committed routinely at the age of 14 and evaluated for release only after their 25th birthday.
Oddly enough, that is EXACTLY what one does with an autistic-spectrum child. It takes a lot of patience, persistence, and understanding, and not a little bit of help, but yes, autistic people are taught to act and think in ways that bypass their autism. We never really get cured, exactly, but we do learn to function effectively among "normal" people.
"... perhaps proper legislation can be passed in order to prevent this type of thing from happening again." WTF???!! What legislation do you propose? It shall henceforth be a felony to feel alone, and any person charged with this crime shall be tried as an adult regardless of the defendant's age? Any person raising a child with social or emotional issues shall be imprisoned for not less than ten years? Behaving in a way not considered socially beneficial shall be punishable by death? You can't legislate mental health. You can't legislate happiness. You can't legislate a positive mental attitude, and you absolutely can't legislate hope and kindness. Threats will always exist, no matter what laws are passed. The only way to defend against such threats is to allow and encourage people to defend themselves against them. Making felons out of everybody who has a bad day is not only evil, it won't work.
So you seem to be saying that, regardless of law, gay people can be as bigoted as they like, and act on it, but anyone else who wants to make his own business decisions is probably a racist. Makes perfect sense to me. Sort of.
That was the plan. And since they passed the bill in an obvious attempt to destroy the very fabric of Arizona' social structure, it is now necessary to list the Arizona State Legislature as a terrorist organization. DHS
Depending on whose statistics you believe, something between 1 and 3 percent of the population is gay. I wonder what business these Arizona companies are in such that their survival depends on less than 3% of the population. Or does a temporary dip in sales of less than 3% constitute a major impact on these companies' bottom lines? If the latter is the case, somebody needs new management. Besides the State of Arizona, I mean.
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Codgers Freaking Out

Steven668 Wrote: Feb 26, 2014 10:59 PM
This brings up an interesting philosophical question. Does the other guy's nose start at the face end, or the air end?
My point is that the only significant difference between a Republican and a Democrat is the speed with which he will sell out his country for power. Republicans, like Democrats, put Party first, and Country a distant second, if Country gets considered at all.
I think I would leave out the word "savant," but otherwise I agree completely.
The GOP is interested in one thing, and one thing only: Power for the GOP. Sure, a couple of individual congressmen want the country to succeed, but the party as a whole is more interested in expanding the federal government than jobs, or any other issue that threatens the United States of America. If that were not true, then the Republican-dominated House would have just said "no" to more federal debt at the expense of the American people. Tell me about the wonderful patriotism of the GOP after they start voting in accordance with their speeches.
I assume you depend on the police for your protection? If so, who is more irresponsible, the person who routinely carries a tool he does not think about very often, or the person who literally places his life in the hands of someone who is guaranteed not to be available when that life is threatened?
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