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The Sexual Humor in Not Having Sex

Steven658 Wrote: Jun 13, 2014 8:57 AM
Dude... don't wait until marriage to have sex... "Marriage has nothing to do with sex" - Henry Blake, MASH... Marriage is the cure for sex, not the answer. Google "Jellybean Rule" and you'll understand.
You left out a bunch of other, non-economic things. First of all, guns... I live in CT and our gun laws are now outrageous. Moving to a gun friendly state is on my checklist. Second - politics. CT is perhaps the bluest state in the union at this point. This includes our elected officials and our newspapers. It is very hard to read editorials every day from newspaper editors who don't reason in the slightest, and comment upon that which they have no knowledge. Finally, it becomes harder and harder to watch what happens to your tax dollars and how you get none of the credits or deductions, while others have them heaped on them. All the while, the working poor are ignored and not helped in the slightest. I have poor friends that could use government assistance. They don't get any. Because they are married. And they don't have children out of wedlock. My tax dollars going to them would make me happy. My tax dollars going to the unwed teen mom? Not so much.
Neal: Spot on!!! I've been trying to explain this exact point to lots of people. Most either don't care enough to understand, and liberals simply look at the outcome as good and thus don't care. They cite lots of other examples that don't apply. You seem to be the first, and as far as I can see, only one who understands that this interpretation is WIDER than had it been upheld under the commerce clause. Comparisons to the cigarette tax are useless.... that is one that is easy to understand and is clearly constitutional... The federal government can tax purchases that it deems are a societal bad. The difference here is they are taxing INACTION (a failure to purchase) instead, and have held that that too is constitutional.
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