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thank you
Its about time that Women voice their own opinion about these hollywood Idiots who live in a bubble they have no idea what is like paying the bills and a lot of women are out of work I hope these liberals should think before they speak or in fact anyone think before you tweet.
Impeach Obama and Holder these are men who should be charged with treason.
Well folks if we do not vote this Kenyan out of office I can see it a muslim brotherhood flag flying over the white house. Its getting scary this POTUS has no intention of backing Israel and every time he has the opportunity to throw them under the bus is really disgusting.I see many times that video when he was giving that speech apologizing and saying the torture will stop and showing his true colors of him being a muslim and these imbecile liberals have no clue what they have done.This man has destroyed this great nation of ours by making us weak and a laughing stock of the world.
you damn right
you are so right I agree with you.Its high time Mitt pulls out the big guns and get down and aggressive.
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How the Media Distorts a Romney Quote

STEVEN122 Wrote: Sep 15, 2012 9:58 AM
DG you are right they report B.S. it was a long time ago when journalist had integrity and it was considered a fourth branch of the Government. its a damn shame when they distort the truth.
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