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Eight Arguments You've Probably Heard Against Mitt Romney

SteveL2 Wrote: Aug 20, 2012 8:27 AM
She was dying of cancer, for Pete's sake. There is no evidence whatsoever that she could have been saved with better treatment. In every hospital, there are social workers who help indigent patients pay for treatment. Evidently with this woman, that wasn't enough.

The American people face an important choice in November.  They will either re-elect President Barack Obama for another four-year term, or they will replace him with Governor Mitt Romney.  Rather than recapitulate the case against a second term for the incumbent, let's scrutinize eight of the top prevailing arguments against electing his Republican challenger.  Each of the following anti-Romney indictments has been advanced -- explicitly, or through surrogates -- by the president's campaign and the Democratic Party.  Below you'll find my sincere attempt to address these criticisms in a balanced and honest way, even as I openly...

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