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The entire Left suffers from this problem: They are totally detached from any human suffering that might require *American action*. In the few days right after the 9-11 terrorist attack, I had tangled with plenty of hard-core leftists on the Internet about the issue. And their mood seemed to be one of amused detachment, like whatever happened that day was as relevant to them as a supernova in a distant galaxy.
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The Stolen Job Myth

SteveL2 Wrote: Jul 03, 2014 9:09 AM
I'm not as sanguine about immigration as Mr. Jacoby, but he does make a good point: We need to get our story straight. For starters, we have to decide if we're just against illegal aliens, or against legal immigrants too (I know a few personally myself). The Center for Immigration Studies isn't just against illegal immigration. They want to pull up the drawbridge altogether even for legal immigrants; they claim that "America has enough people already."
We don't tire too quickly. The War on Terror has been going on now for almost 13 years. That's three times longer than America's participation in World War II. If after 13 years we have so little to show for our efforts, then clearly those efforts were misbegotten.
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It Was Probably Never About Bergdahl

SteveL2 Wrote: Jun 06, 2014 2:28 PM
Amazingly, a State Department spokeswoman admitted as much: Obama would have freed these terrorists anyway, so why not get Bergdahl as a little icing on the cake? http://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/dpb/2014/06/227099.htm#AFGHANISTAN (scroll to the stuff about "buckets")
It doesn't matter if they were contacted by a GOP political operative or the Virgin Mary. The only issue is: Are they telling the accurate truth or not?
One reason is that a number of white social conservatives won't make blacks feel welcome. On National Review Online, on PJ Media, I see comments from white social conservatives like these: "Race is associated with many physical and behavioral traits; there is no question about that. So if you're not racist, in the sense of using race in forming initial judgments about people, you're not paying attention." "We are slowly turning the country over to minorities so they can make it the s**thole they came from. America's days are past." "What matters to me about 'anti-white' is that the white race is my race, that it is the race that created and is Western civilization, and that 'anti-white' is, therefore, a grave enemy to the perpetuation of both my civilizational and genetic inheritance." "As obvious, Euros excel intellectually, while Africans do well athletically. To use the colloquial, it is what it is.'" "Racism involves the belief in racial differences...... and imbecility involves the believe [sic] that there aren't any." "Hernstein and Murray do a good job of using data to make a case that there is a racial difference in intelligence and academic achievement."
I'm picking only on those Christians who blame gays for the decline of marriage without looking in the mirror. There was an episode of the reality-TV show "Cheaters," where a Christian man caught his Christian wife cheating on him. He exclaimed, "How could you do something like that?" She retorted: "Well, Ah've been saved bah Jesus, so F**K YOU!!!"
One little-known "benefit" of the feminist movement, is that it's given wives sanction to walk out on their husbands.
Go ask young people where you live, how they feel about same-sex marriage. America's young just don't see gays as wicked or perverted or dangerous or sick. They see gays as just folks and fellow citizens.
They won't do that. They would lose their Christian audience. Something like one-seventh of those Christians are cheating on their spouses at this moment. They don't want to be told to stop doing that. They want a scapegoat who can't fight back. Now that gays are fighting back, the Christians will probably blame squirrels for the decline of marriage. Or dolphins.
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