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The Death of Genuine Debate

Steve in Charlotte Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 4:50 PM
Oh I think Hugh knows full well that debating the left is impossible. But when dealing with a religion it is best to allow them to have two of their cherished opinions: 1- Guns are bad 2- Abortions are good They are entitled to their opinion. They just should be prohibited from teaching stupidity to others.
Rational_not wrote: "Thank you for your religious opinion. If we want to base our laws on your religious views, we will let you know" Abortion is murder. And I'm actually going to quote a hero of yours, Al Gore. "There is no longer even a discussion"
liberalism is both a religion and a mental disorder
When the very corrupt Diane Feinstein wanted to ban and collect all guns but got a bill through for having a bayonet lug, she asked the BATF for a definition of an "Assault Weapon". She was told that there was none. Now, it merelt defines some guns she thinks looked menacing. 1.2 million babies killed last year by abortion in the US. Did Barry cry any tears for them? No, he refused to vote on a bill in Illinois that would mandate saving the life of a botched abortion where the "viable tissue mass" lived. And every gun grabber I've ever tried to educate claims abortion is a right in the Constitution despite it being made from whole cloth.
Sadly, you fail to understand that owning a gun is not a privileged, like a car, it is a right. If you don't like it then lobby for amending the Constitution as that is the process. Most affected by your zany idea would be the poor and the elderly. How nice of you. One thing the discussion does need is for crazies like you to leave it.
Mr . Schlichter, I have been the attempted victim of gun crime twice. First was a demand for money at a convenience store at Midnight. The next was when armed thugs in a parking lot tried to carjack me, as had been done 4 times to others that week as per police. In both cases MY gun, flashlight, and training had them flee. Bad guys don't like armed victims. And that is what we will all be - designated victims - if guns are ever banned. I fear the government that tries to do such a thing more than the criminals. They will fail.
Sorry Loser, Americans poll as 40% conservative, 20% liberal, and 40% moderates. If voter ID was required there would be no democrats. I'm an independent, but I don't vote for Marxists as you do. This is a great nation but people like you have destroyed it.
Is Mr. Romney at all screaming that our consulate is not secured as a crime scene after 13 days? Why do we have to settle every damn election????
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