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Well, your drinking water has more Clorox than the fracking water does.
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Highway Bill: The Unmentionable Option

SteveandJag Wrote: Nov 17, 2014 12:39 PM
Allow non-union companies to bid on highway projects. Poof, now the budget is balanced, but more contracts can be done.
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The End of Dodd-Frank?

SteveandJag Wrote: Nov 17, 2014 12:34 PM
DF is a cluster F. The best thing the Republicans can do rather than throwing it away, take certain aspects and replace them with something better. Which could mean throw away certain aspects. Then instead of looking like they are trying to go back in time they are clearly trying to make it better.
hey are being hired for Christmas, then back to square one for them.
"Until voters recognize the inferior quality of American health care and demand that American performance and prices are benchmarked to superior northern-European systems, things are not going to get better." Sure, why is it more expensive? Zero Care, regulations, administrative costs and lawsuits. Might be best to examine and understand the problem before putting in price controls, which NEVER work.
Hello, I am a MishBot and I will be doing your articles from now on.
Hey Mish, haven't been posting, but have been reading. Loev the Liberals attempt to promote automation in our country. Then what will their constituents do?
As Captain Rameous might say, " Maxine isn't the problem, The banks know her tactics, but if we get some yahoo like Yellen at the Fed, we haven't got a chance.".
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