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she gives blonds a bad name. In the encyclopedia it has her picture to represent "dumb blonds"
sure, now were' both COMMUNIST (remember o'bama saying in that private conversation with the Russian that was caught on tape - "after the election I'll have more room to negotiate" the sell out of the USA to a communist New World Order)
They should have put him on as personal/exclusive guard for o'bama:
next they'll drop platforms against Sharia Law
the scandal should be "pelosi is top democrat"
Could it be that this bungling of o'bamacare (originally Hitlery-care) and how Hitlery was such a dufus (maybe getting set up for failure, which is easy to do for her) in regard to Benghazi is all PURPOSEFUL? Could it be that the Puppeteers (who pull the strings of o'bama, congress, and washington DC) have some other PUPPET in mind for 2016? Not trusting them, it wouldn't surprise me but who might that puppet be? (Jeb Bush, for heaven's sake, despite his backing of the INSANE Common Core)?
he's a COMMIE, just like o'bama and the democraps
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Putin, Not Obama, is the Messiah

Steve991 Wrote: Mar 10, 2014 1:08 PM
does anybody actually trust EITHER of them? I wouldn't be surprised if they're working together on a GIANT SHAM. Remember that video where o'bama was caught talking to the Russian about how he'd be better able to do his thing after the election.
let's vote if o'bama ought to be thrown out with o'bamacare!
but will these sheeple see that BOTH "parties" are just war mongers and decide to abandon both? No, of course not, just as abused wives don't abandon their abusing husbands. It's like "battered wife syndrome" but it's battered citizen syndrome!
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