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Obama is Tanking, And The Voters Know it

Steve84 Wrote: Aug 08, 2012 6:11 AM
...And could you cite those swing state polls please? 'Till then, I'll stick with ABC/Washington Post, and CBS/New York Times, all 4 of which are generally liberal groups.

WASHINGTON -- The precipitous rise in Barack Obama's job disapproval numbers stunned the West Wing Monday and shook Democratic leaders. The president is getting failing scores on all of the politically pivotal issues: from a weak economy, high unemployment and skyrocketing gas prices to trillion-dollar budget deficits.

These are fundamental bread-and-butter election issues that have stopped Obama's momentum in his campaign for a second term and show no signs of improving anytime soon.

A nationwide Washington Post-ABC News poll revealed an angry electorate that is fed up with his presidency. Among his worst job disapproval numbers: 59 percent on the economy; 63 percent...