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Berkshire Hathaway/Warren Buffett own railroad companies that he wants to use transporting oil instead of the safest way by pipeline. Big Money has prevented the US from transporting oil from Canada, our friend and neighbor, adding additional resources we should be supplying Europe with instead of Russia. That is why the Keystone PL is held up. The Adm and Dem's getting big money for themselves instead of doing what is best for the USA as well as the rest of the World.
Global Warming, as Mann put it, has shown to be bogus and actually, the earth's temp's have dropped over the last 50 years or so. Now, they changed the name to Global Warming when this has occurred naturally since the beginning of time. This is ALL about Control.
I saw him in an interview admit he manipulated the data to accomplish the results. He used data that supported this theory and removed data that contradicted his results that the Globalists paid big for.
There hard drives crashed. Let's remember that about 5 million lost their insurance and replaced what they wanted with the ACA.
Then you are certainly welcome to stay and pay for the State's Bankruptcy. I don't think you would fit in here in Texas.
If need be. I have 3 ancestors who fought at the Battle of San Jacinto, winning Texas' Independence. Remember, that Texas is a Country all its own, and as we say; "Don't Mess With Texas". Our saving grace will be that our present Attny Gen. will not play these games, since amnesty by EO would be Unconstitutional.
Ken: That is why it will require Texans to take matter in their own hands, if necessary, to stop those from entering our State/Nation illegally. Yes, work must be done on Legal Immigration FIRST, but, only AFTER our Borders are secure. I really wonder if Texans would allow the destruction of the Great State of Texas, no matter who thinks otherwise. We use common sense and not afraid to back it up. We live with a limited State Gov't, actually creating the weakest Governor in the Country, because we distrusted Gov't even more than our Founding Fathers. Texas will not go silently into the night. They will have to Come and Take It!
Look out because that is what BHO will do this summer. It will only be stopped by The People refusing to allow this massive migration. Remember, for every 10 million that get amnesty actually adds up to between 40-50 million people with all the chain migration. Texas fought and won its Independence from Mexico, but, BHO wants to change that with his open borders policy, instead of enforcing the laws and responsibilities under the 10th Amendment.
Political Correctness gone wild. Let's be honest here. In America, the language spoken or written is in English. Any student that doesn't learn English is destined to poverty, unless, they develop the newest widget. Wanting student to become proficient in English is best for the children, therefore, requesting English be spoken by all only make common sense. It is not racist.
BC: You are correct as it has been estimated that over 80% of those fighting for States' Rights never owned a slave. America is the only Nation that actually fought to end slavery.
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