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Unfortunately, under this Adm., I'll bet Border Agents didn't have permission to fire back. You understand. Non Citizens have all the rights and have become a "protected class".
This Administration has done everything it could to advertise and get the word out that we don't enforce our borders. After this much time and the word is out that America is open for business for illegals, we are going to have to bring the National Guard with lead, rubber, bean bag ammo to shoot anyone that attempts to enter America illegally. Then, and only then, can we deal with the Immigration mess that takes as long as ten years for someone who entered the Country Legally. Work Visas for those that can prove they have work here, but, then, they must go back home. Any change that proceeds to support illegal immigration and allows them to move to the front of the line, then, we are all going to Hell.
You've noticed also that the only harm done by this Pres is against Americans. He does not have America's Best Interest in mind, but, instead, restricts Americans Bill of Rights as well as regulating us out of business. I've wondered about gathering at the border and taking our Marine back home. If our Gov't isn't going to do its few enumerated powers as important as American sovereignty and enforce our Borders. But, again we see our Pres. is more interested in releasing known high level terrorists for a deserter while a good man is suffering in Mexico. If the Gov't won't, then, we should do what is best for Americans. He Hates America.
They are only interested in the Chamber of Commerce, Big Business and too Hell with those that vote for them if it puts money in their pockets. We point out these problems with the GOP, but, let's not diminish the Big Money problems within the DNC. Neither party represent The People.
I'm afraid you are correct. We saw McConnell and Cornyn both vote to change the rules allowing Harry Reid, again, to have simple majority instead of the 60 votes needed for regular order. These are the Establishment GOP who vote with the Dem's which gave up any chance in making a difference or challenge the Dem's control. These two represent the GOP Establishment and not Americans.
The National Party spent $24Million to fight against McDaniel. I'm through with both parties, because that is one of the biggest problems with politics. Just look at BHO, blames Congress as obstructionists, yet, the truth is Congress has done its job, passed Bills and sent them to the Senate where they all die because of Harry Reid and BHO are the obstructionists. But, the media wont tell you this.
Oh, sure. That's what we need. Another lemming for Obama/Reid obstruction. NEVER! Regarding the GOP. I have told them to stop calling me because they eat their own to promote the Status Quo.
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NPR Shills for Socialism

Steve68 Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 11:27 AM
These programs are wonderful, Until, PBS inserts its Global Warming Propaganda, then, I wonder if that is the purpose of the show? Nature or some mythical idea of man changing Mother Nature when, Mother Nature has always changed and will continue to change as it has since the creation.
This is why I believe we need to file an injunction against these media broadcast companies. They claim to provide "the news", yet, they censor, manipulate, distort, edit and won't cover "The News" fairly instead of the propaganda they insist on providing the viewers, Over The Public Airways. The numbers don't lie as to what the will cover and what they will not. There is no 4th Branch anymore and they need to be stopped because we see it every election, they will be doubling down on the one sided political views. DON'T CALL IT NEWS!
AND PEOPLE STILL ELECT HER?! Just like ObamaCare is so good for everyone else but her and her co-hearts. No one should be above the law, including our President.
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