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I have never seen anything showing a majority of Americans have ever wanted this law. This is just another nail in the ACA's coffin, unless, the Rep leadership doesn't take up legislation to replace and repeal the ACA.
Great parts of Asia are Muslim.
This is just another attempt to break us into smaller special interest groups by the Govt. We all know that to be successful in America, you must learn and speak English, and therefore, simply a way to keep Hispanics on the Gov't TlT. Every immigrant that has conformed to the language because you can't conduct business or regular conversations with Americans. If this is discriminatory, then, what about other than Hispanics? Aren't they being discriminated against, if they are not included? I refuse to press one for English.
When you have a compliant media and the liberal education, I should feel sorry for these folks, but, they got what they asked for; 30% food inflation, 300% fuel prices, health insurance at twice the cost, stifled economic growth and jobs, assault on our Bill of Rights, control over the individual Citizen from cradle to grave.
George Soros started a group called SOS, group thinking for Secretaries of States, who certify elections. BHO is a puppet to foreign special interests.
Fed. Reg's are costing us millions of jobs. The Energy Industry alone will create 2-5 million jobs quickly. These are good paying jobs providing the needs of the World's economy. Small Businesses require so much up front money to pay for the permits and regulations, ever before they get the doors open. Killing small business is insane. Now, the newest attack on success is Economic Patriotism. In other words, unless you are giving big bucks to the Dem's, you are evil for maximizing ROI. Seems like this would only occur behind the Soviet Block Iron Certain. If our tax system is soooo unfair compared to other nations, then, take care of the problem by passing common sense tax system for us all. Obviously, too much power in the IRS as well as other Fed. (Unelected) Agencies.
And the MSM parrots the messages over and over again, never providing any positive messages from the GOP. Notice, the Dem's and MSM never talk about what these programs cost to the MC, much less, the individual that becomes dependents of us all.
They get liberal money for projects, etc.; end up working for the Gov't collecting data on each of us, in spite of our 4th & 5th Amendments. I would have never in my long lifetime imagined the USSR coming to America.
Many tried, but the GOP spent 10's of millions of dollars to defeat the true Conservatives in the races. Look at MS where they went to Dem. Voters to cross party lines in the Primary. John Cornyn and M. McConnell cast the last two votes giving Harry Reid the ability to take us back to a Dem simple majority. A Poll Cat comes in different stripes, so, WE must be aware of both Establishment Parties, because they are no different. I could spit nails!
Let's remember that the MC/working class pay all the bills of this Fed. Gov't. BHO follows the Cloward-Piven theology, to overwhelm the system by allowing so many living off of others (MC/WC) who are finding it harder and harder to make the payments of others. Let's also know that H.Clinton did her graduate thesis on Saul Alinski, a devote Socialist/Communist. Please America. Don't be fooled again!
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