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Dave Says Don't Pay Those Student Loans

steve6722 Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 8:46 AM
How to turn in a very rich person who did not pay his student loans. Can I get a reward. Will my identy be protected?
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Skipping Over the Shooting at FRC

steve6722 Wrote: Aug 17, 2012 9:02 AM
Do not put any faith in what the media says!
I am very Proud of the Pastors! Now, if they could go talk to the Jewish Rabbies! Who support the democratic party, Please from a white Jew! Star Parker I support your Great thoughts. Please keep them coming.
Let them deduct their training expenses. Well now let the govt. pay them for their exlpenses if they win. So, gvt. could pay them for advertising the USA.
Post Office needs to follow the "Pony Express" no need for there services at their prices. Could that be the capilist way? Shure is my people, so let us tell the Congress to shut it down or they can start packing up to more back where they came from just like mr-urd o-bum-a theshithead!
This is True going to be locked up in Fed. Pen. because of Reverse Discrimanation and ATF getting even Like Pay Back. Was a Cop when arested at my home. Twenty years of LEO carrying a firearm. Concealed Handgun Instructor since 1995. Gun Dealer since 1971 and the list goes on. State of Texas Private Security Trainer for Guards to get License to carry firearms on duty. One ticket for speeding did not slow down as missed the sign. Feel free to contact the writer. steve 13234 hunters lark san antonio, texas 78230 E-Mail:
When I grew up the-q were in the closet! Did not know about them until I was age 15 and as I look back we need to put them back into the closet! I worked with one when age 15 and he did not bother me; we were friends and co-workers selling shoes. Our twin daughters had some male friends that were-q and we loved them as friends. They helped my daughters in school. I hate no one just the dems!
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Reviving Good Values Starts at Home

steve6722 Wrote: Jul 30, 2012 8:03 AM
Very truthful, what my wife and the writer did with our three adult children. To put it in todays talk! Garbage in Garbage out!
Harry: You are a credit to our once great country. The Dems. just want to keep people in there place. O-bum-a-shithead-has done more to hurt my-all-black-friends than all the former presidents totally! People need to remember we all came from Adom and Eve. Equals we are all in this life boat together the dems. want/trying to sink us all. Our G-D Loves us all, Please remember this! From an old instructor
Bad News! You are Correct!
the bum spends our tax dollars like a game to see how much can be spent! Fire that "Tard" !
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