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Sooo... they want us to think, he did all this shooting with the rifle, then went outside, put it back in his car trunk, then went back inside and killed himself? I saw video that day of officers looking at the rifle, behind his car, along with what looked to be a vest, the rifle on the ground . And the announcer saying it was in the trunk.... I'm thinking false flag to prompt support to get our guns. Listen to the police radio audio, and listen closely and you'll heatr them say we've got them......THEM?
Gosh, I hope this article is correct. I read many articles before the election that got my hopes up. And now I read them all, with some hesitance. No mention of how the whole thing backfired and put around 10 million new weapons in the hands of law abiding americans.
Correct, I think thats where it's going....The day will come when being a conservative, god fearing, gun toter will become a mental "disease" and we all lose our license....
WHen seconds count, the police are only minutes away..and show up just in time to direct traffic and fill out paperwork...
"Keep your gun but permit it" He's already looking at the gun issue and drooling over taxing it somehow.
Check history, Hitlers political party was the "national socialist" party. So you know not what you speak. A common tenant of socialism/communism is to "redistribute wealth". Therefore obamas governing is much closer to that of hitler and nazism.
Don't forget, Donnelly's top 50 contributors are UNIONS!
Here in northern indiana donnelly's anti mourdock ad's are painting him as a tea party radical. Also painting the tea party with a horrible almost, nazi like tone. Here the democrats are pulling the same old trick. They are running a 3rd party libertarian and he's being "paid for" by the dem party. This bleeds off just enough votes to possibly make it real close. It's unscrupulous. Donnelly used this same trick last election on walorski and he won only by a thousand votes.I kept the flyer for the libertarian, and on the back lower corner it says" paid for by the democrat party". This is huge! It should be in this article! Good news is, the pence/walorski/mourdock victory centers are packed with volumteers.
I live in Indiana and see the ground swell of support for Romney, however...because he thinks he's got this one tied up they aren't spending much money here. I cannot find a "victory center" that has Romney yard signs. I have yard signs for my other republican candidates?
You guys are missing it...the libs are are saying these things hoping that you will think they are lowering expectations.... but they already have the questions from the lib press and obama will Cheat! Then afterwards they can say they "beat the best" ...get it...If you hear another off the wall question about "states rights on the issue of condoms" then you know the fix is in!....
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