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Unions Chant "Pork, Pork, Pork!"

Steve539 Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 11:46 AM
And if you can't make it on your own merits, then I would suggest that you stay in a union. I worked my entire career non-union and I didn't leave anything on the table because I EARNED what I made and my employer was happy with me because I was a producer, always exceeding by budget.
If I were a liberal and entered the "thinking ring" with someone of superior talent (John Ransom) and got my brains beat out for 10 rounds, I believe I would go back and get some more and better training so I could actually pretend to defend myself in this arena! Are you listening Canetoad, DoctorRoy, McBurg Larry, Ericynot, MorganDog, SuperCarp, etc.
If you mean a Closed Shop type of environment, then you are wrong. Closed Shops are illegal and have been since 1947.
luke, you correct and I know you are because I am one of the "privileged" that you speak of. Here is why I am one of the "privileged". I worked 3 jobs every summer while in high school but still managed to play sports. I worked 3 jobs every summer while in college which I paid for and obtained a degree. I am privileged because after college I served for 7 years in the military and am a proud Vietnam Veteran. I am privileged because I learned a valuable lesson about the work ethic in this country and what you can accomplish financially if you work very had and very smart. I also learned to have less respect for "deadbeats" that just suck off the earnings of the producers. Equal outcome is not the American way!!
The Agency Shop is just a back door way of saying you don't have Right to Work laws. Tell me what the "representation you get" is in a union shop or an agency shop. The employer is not going to pay the union member at a different level than the non union member. Unionism is just a form of agitation, restriction, and is against the productive the employee that wants to make it on their own merits and work habits.
kenneth416, your first sentence tells me all I need to know about your thinking. You are not affected so you "don't think it will have a serious effect on the highest earners." Why don't you volunteer some additional earnings you have because I am sure that the super rich feel " that it won't have a serious effect on you." Yes sir, as long as it is not affecting me, Obama, do what you want, big guy! You are an idiot!
If it is legal, why do you object, NurseRoy? Class Envy, Class Envy Class Envy!!!
Here is a fact, libtard, give enough of America free things and they will vote for you. Destroy legitimate education and allow immigration laws to violated with impunity and then charge the bill to the successful people in the country. Sounds like socialist/marxist theory to me.
Libtard, you are beginning to stuuuttttterr with your post.
Dude, your president is leaving Afghanistan, perhaps you haven't heard!
There is one thing for sure, libtard, figures don't lie but liars figure and you are a prime example of it with your post. According to Obama, his entire 1st term belongs to Bush so don't give us that BS you spouted above. Your data on the TARP money is a little skewed. Bush did start the process on TARP money to Wall Street and they paid it back. Obama didn't do anything to get the money back. Obama used TARP money to allegedly bail out GM who still owes America about $25 billion which doesn't include the gift or the tax credit that Geithner allowed GM to carry forward. GM is still a disaster and will file bankruptcy again in the near future, but Obama will bail out his union buddies again.
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