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Anyone that didn't see an ObamaCare induced medical professional shortage coming, hasn't been paying attention.
When Piers Morgan becomes a US citizen, he can talk. Piers is a big promoter of gun confiscation. I've asked him: How many American deaths are acceptable to accomplish that goal? He hasn't replied.
A premise that gun grabbers tend to thrive on is that private ownership of guns can be 100% eliminated. That just isn't going to happen in the United States of America.
Two things in response: 1) Canadian oil business is not going to cease tar sands production if the Keystone KL pipeline is not built. Most of the oil would probably go to China which is the highest bidder anyway. Please note that their environmental standards are much lower than those of the U.S. 2) If the Keystone XL pipeline is not built, any tar sands oil that is transported in the U.S, will be primarily be by rail and secondarily by truck. Please note that the likelihood of dangerous spills is far greater in both of those methods compared to an underground pipeline. As a result, the economic and environmental benefits are far greater if the tar sands oil is transported via underground pipeline, refined and consumed in the U.S.
The NM Supreme Court is wrong. A private business can refuse a client at any time for any reason.
Stop giving $billions to the Muslim Brotherhood and take care of business in the USA!!
Why would Obama want to make college more affordable? There are no jobs and he wants to import millions of illegal aliens to compete in an already dismal job market.
Unfortunately, Libs are goning to be all over this pushing for a disarmed America.
Because the Africa vacations was just sooo exhausting.
Eric Holder lied to Congress. Prosecute him now!!
Of course, the bad economy couldn’t be due to a corrupt Executive Branch or a president that can only vacation, point fingers and blame others for his catastrophic failures.
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