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Bounce: Romney Surges in Ohio, Florida, Virginia

Steve31 Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 1:50 AM
My friend and I have been asking clerks at local food stores in Gainesville and Ocala FL respectively and the average percentage of customers using food stamps was 60 percent.. And this libtard doesnt want to believe that the moochers are making this country broke.The government is encouraging this including for illegal aliens. Its an assault on taxpaying Americans and people are fed up and disgusted with it.
goper Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 1:58 AM

The thing is, half of them may prefer if they had a man at home working and helping to raise the family instead of having a broken family dependent on foodstamps because a guy won't.can't stick around without a job. Of course there are some who double-dip; not legally married, he works, while she collects, but overall most are broken families because the guy can't live a normal family life without a job, so he gets into drugs and trouble, being bored and downtrodden without a normal work-life.
goper Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 2:01 AM

This is par for the course even when there are jobs because they have illegals working a lot of them, and now ............... it's not good for anyone except the arrseholes who created the mess - the Dems.
nodeamass Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 1:55 AM
Your anecdote is not representing reality, only your extreme views. The richest 20% hold 85% of total wealth:
0_BAMANATION Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 1:58 AM
No... the "richest" 20%barely own 2% of America's gross wealth and net worth.
nodeamass Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 2:02 AM
What???? So the poor have more wealth than the rich???? Please see this:
nodeamass Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 2:11 AM
And I am not against people getting wealthy UNLESS it is at the expense of society! Again, there are some well deserved millionaires and there are some scumbag millionaires and to deny the obvious shows serious cognitive dissonance.

As Americans are beginning to process Mitt Romney's lopsided debate victory on Wednesday night, the Republican nominee has pulled ahead in three crucial swing states, according to a trio of surveys from pollster We Ask America:

Ed Morrissey notes the slightly generous (to Republicans) sample splits in Florida and Virginia, although the Ohio partisan breakdown looks about right.  To buttress this data, Rasmussen has released two new surveys -- his data shows Romney ahead by one point