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It’s a Dead Heat in Arizona Senate Race

Steve276 Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 5:51 PM
Carmona will help to keep the Democrats in control of the Senate if elected. Flake could be the game changer. I foresee a very tight race in view of the large number of seniors who will vote Obama and Carmona because they have been life-long Democrats. It's true, liberal seniors have polluted Oregon, Washington and now Arizona, mostly from California (like me orginally). They cannot see beyond their noses and believe the propoganda they are fed on alphabet TV channels. As for police and fire unions, their endorsements are purely political and designed to placate local political machines. Police and fire personnel are mostly very Conservative and will vote conservative on election day, regardless of their union endorsements.

As we all know the election is just a month away and it is time to look at the Senate races that could affect which party will control the Senate. Arizona is looking like a toss-up and it’s important that you are up to date on everything that is going on there. We have a close call between current U.S. Congressman Jeff Flake and former Surgeon General Richard Carmona. In what has been a traditionally red state, Arizona has been shifting a bit lately, and has moved more to the center. With the polls showing the race so tight, it may...