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Creepy: Children Sing Obama's Negative Messaging in New Ad

Steve276 Wrote: Oct 28, 2012 5:36 PM
Too late George. The best we can hope for is to require binding arbitration, versus the ability to strike. The Super Court would never uphold eliminating public sector unions. We cannot hope to accomplish anything by shutting the barn doors after the cows have gone out. Public sector unions are the reason our local, state and Federal governments are going broke, but we can only try to make the future of public sector collectlive bargaining more in line with the expectations of taxpayers if taxpayers hold their government executives involved in the process, to be more responsible. Public empoylees should NOT have the right to strike. To do so, is not against their employing government entity, it is against the public itself....

I suppose we all thought the Obama reelection effort had jumped the shark when we had Lena Dunham telling us all about how great our "first time" (voting, that is) would be with Obama.

But no. This is worse. So, so much worse.

Courtesy of Allahpundit over at Hot Air, here's a creepy video of children singing about the alleged horrors of a Romney presidency:

A sampling of the lyrics:

Imagine an America

Where strip mines are fun and free

Where gays...