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In '93 Clinton declared our military installations in the U.S. to be gun free zones. He should feel obligated to share some of the blame for Ft. Hood and the Naval Yard. That however, is a pipe dream! He's not totally to blame though, because none of the Presidents following him rescinded that order, Democrat, or Republican.
I'm almost speechless. All I can say is ......DUHHH.
It isn't going to happen. Presidents do not counter order a former President's EO's because that would start an EO war. Every President would start nullifying their predecessors EO's that they didn't approve of and there would be chaos. We have never had a president like Obama who has been so willing to use EO's to further his personal political and social agendas and we have no means to legally deal with it. Elections have consequences and even his Liberal voters are eventually going to feel the pinch of his decisions and those of the Liberals in Congress.
There are millions of responsible Black gun owners out there, Just as there are multi-millions of other responsible people out there. It's breathtaking how patronizing Liberals and Black "leaders" can be toward Black society, without the average Black person even realizing it, let alone willing to admit it. If one takes a look at all the successful Black people in all walks of life in the U.S., it becomes obvious that Black people can be just as successful as anyone else, if they apply themselves and give up being locked into the ghetto. Personal responsibility and willingness to work from the bottom up, definitely have their rewards. Regrettably, huge numbers of Whites and Blacks have ignored, or not learned that lesson.
His father, Edmund "Pat" Brown, was Governor of CA. when I was growing up. He was not a Liberal by any means. He was a staunch Democrat, but that was back in the days when being a Democrat did not mean being ultra liberal. Moonbeam's dad would not likely have condoned abortion, except as a means to save a mother's life. He was highly respected, nationwide, unlike his son.
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