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Separation of Government From Press

Steve2680 Wrote: Feb 25, 2014 1:58 PM
Love your response. :)
If it were only true. The Olympics is swathed in politics, from refusing to allow the Taiwan government to describe itself as Chinese to the shameful treatment of Israeli athletes. I support all the athletes, just not the IOC.
Since the death of Major League Baseball in '94 (Players' strike) I don't pay too much attention to sports, I just got too disgusted by the prospect of millionaires fighting with other millionaires over money. Major league sports are billion dollar businesses and should be taxed and treated as such, not as some kind of hobby. Oh, I still watch a game now and then but I'm more familiar with the players from the '70s than today's teams.
Time to ban the EPA. It's one thing to reduce pollution and clean up particulates in the air but carbon dioxide is a natural, indeed critically important, constituent of the air. Plants need it and when concentrations go up plant life proliferates.
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