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Not true. Any airplane that the president is on is called Air Force One. While the building in Benghazi was an annex, while an ambassador was staying there it would be considered an embassy. And it should have been protected as such.
So no investgation and just let it pass by right.
Maybe they went on Fox to get their side of the story out since in the 5 years since it happened no one in the "investgation has contacted them for their information.
So they should do what. The Congress tried stopping the money flow and the MSM told everyone that people were dying in the streets and it was all the repubs fault.
The quivering mass of lime jelly that constitutes the three and four-star generals run the Army will never let this come to a court-martial. They will discharge him and give him $350,000 for traveling money. They would have to buck the White House to do that and they'll never do. It might make the Pres. look bad. When a man becomes a three-year four-star general he stops being a soldier and becomes a politician. Politicians protect themselves first last and always.
The area between White House press secretary Josh Earnest's ears are the most transparent in the history of press secretaries.
"Fatah, a very moderate regime". What a pile of horse-hockey. What is a moderate terrorist ? Someone who wants to kill you with a smile instead of a frown.
So what is so complicated about it?
Christie was on the Sean Hannity show on Saturday or Sunday before his first election in Nov 2009. I watched it as this was the first time I had a chance to hear his views. During the interview Sean Hannity asked Christie about his position on concealed weapons permits. Christie then stated and I quote "the biggest danger to law enforcement officers in New Jersey, are concealed weapon permit holders". As a former US attorney in New Jersey, Christie was well aware that at the time he said it there was not one case of a concealed weapons permit holder shooting or killing a cop in America let alone New Jersey. This was a deliberate lie to appeal to gun control Democrats in New Jersey for votes.
The real story is not the fact that only 177,000 books have sold. The real story is that the 800,000 books that haven't sold, have not been bought by third parties to make her look good. This is done by both Democrats and Republicans to make an author like her look good before election. The fact that the Democrats don't want to waste their money is very telling as to the viability of her campaign in 2016.
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