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The Higher-Education Version of the Government-Screws-Up-Everything Chronicles

Steve2110 Wrote: Oct 15, 2012 4:03 PM
About 4 years ago I researched the cost of education in Atlanta public schools versus the president's private alma mater in Hawaii, Punahou. All the financial data is readily available. The current total of local, state, and federal funds spent per student in Atlanta was approximately the same as the tuition at Punahou. Care to guess which students fared better? The notion that education quality is in any way proportional to the cost per student is a myth that needs to be retired now.

I’ve previously shared an amazing chart that shows how more government spending on public schools has yielded zero positive results.

Well, it seems that government spending on colleges and universities also leaves a lot to be desired.

Three academics investigated the relationship between higher-education spending and economic performance and it turns out that this perverse form of redistribution from poor to rich is counterproductive. Here’s the key sentence from the abstract.

Results from a series of fixed-effects regressions using a 1992-2002 panel of state-level data...