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Uh, a little FYI here for ya. As this is a PRIVATELY-OWNED and PRIVATELY-RAN site, they (we) can "regulate" anything we want. The protection of freedom of speech is only from government action. I can flag you as offensive all I want. Obama and his stooges can't stop me.
Well said. I am a Mormon, but did not vote for Romney. However, America can't survive another four years under Komrade Obama, so I will vote for Romney in November. For those of you who seem to think that Mormons are bad, you should really meet some. Then compare them to (Ir)Rev. Wright's congregation, which included Obama,
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Christie Risks All to Take on Unions

Steve1928 Wrote: Apr 15, 2012 5:29 PM
This Illinois taxpayer has no tears for the demise of Illinois state worker pensions. We (the taxpayers) have been the ones holding the bag for out-of-control pensions. Dems have already hiked personal income taxes 66% (my wife was shocked when we did our taxes a few weeks ago), business taxes 47% (I believe). Job growth is in freefall, and the Dems are talking about yet another tax hike (after the elections, just like the first). I can't wait for Nov 6 to send an up-yours to the Dems.
Don't you mean because McCain was a RINO and ran a weak, inept campaign? Palin saved McCain from a runaway; Obama did not win by such a huge margin as he could have.
You can blame poverty pimps like Jesse Jackson and (Ir)Reverend Wright's Black Liberation Theology for their poverty.
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The Truth About Mormonism

Steve1928 Wrote: Apr 15, 2012 12:34 PM
You've clearly never attended LDS church services. We use the King James Bible as much as the Book of Mormon in our faith. Also, this bit about Mormons not being Christians, can you kindly define for me what a 'Christian' is? Last time I looked up the word in my dictionary, it refered to "Christians" as those who believe or profess to believe in Jesus as the Christ. No wording the the effect of "except Mormons".
Another warning of what the US will face soon.
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