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What's odd, John, is that Obama had the president of a country that is invading us, and has over 10 million of his people on OUR side of the border. illegally....yet he despises a country that has better fish to fry than invade the US. I find THAT odd. Remember Calderon, chump?
Hey! I done forgot those two. Heehee !
We don't need any "reform", Jeb. We need "compliance" with the laws we already have. NO AMNESTY. NO BUSH.
Congress does NOT have to ask a President's permission to ask a speaker in Congress.
Hope ya get a chance to do that some day, my friend..
Remember the Presidente of Mexico addressing joint Congress in 2010,,,Merckel of Germany in 2009, Netanyahu again in 2011..It isn't strange. You Democrats boycotting a speech by one of the few friends we still have (but Obama trying to get rid of) is what is strange. Their intelligence of what's going on in the mid/east is a lot better than ours is. Pres of Ukraine, and S. Korea twice..just since Obama became President..
Yup. I am sure he didn't die natural causes..
We have similar "Breitbart moments"...
As plain as the nose on your face. Putin is up to his old tricks of eliminating his possible rivals. How do yoou think he got into power in the KGB? He prefers a more subtle approach, like poison or radioactive contamination, but shooting works for him too.
That is the gameplan for communism since Day one. Create class anger or envy, and income inequality (like communism ever got rid of that..There are lots of millionaires in Cuba and Red China). Then get the laborers (proletariet) worked up about the bourgeoisie (they call them the evil rich, or the 1% and now) and presto!! We have a commie president
And muslims aren't behind terror attacks..Just random violence against randsom targets..
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