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Wonder how Joe Blow will react to them taking his advice..Bet ya see him backpeddle faster than Bozo the Clown on a unicycle.
And he was totally sane and of sound mind, huh?
I will cut our deficit in half by my first term. I will raise no taxes on those making $250K per year. There will be nobody in my Administration that has engaged in lobbying activity in the past 3 years. I was born in Hawaii.( It's their fault that they can't seem to locate a real birth certificate).
What facts are you talking about? The ones you gathered from the relatives of the 534 people killed by gun violence in Chicago last year? And that with the strictest gun laws in the country?
Doctors mis-prescribing meds kill a lot more people every year than guns...and they aren't criminals, usually..unless they are an abortionist..
Why is it that I'm a tad skeptical about that statement? Like, he always has been truthful and up front with his subjects.
Of course not. We are just taking away your anonyminity, and making it where you won't be able to purchase ammo, powder, primers, brass, and other reloading equipment. And making you get permission, aka permits, to exercise your Constitutional rights. Works well in England..only folks that own guns there are the thugs..
Shazam ! Sebelius.
How do ya like Canada? I worked in a hospital for 36 years, and we had hundreds of Canadians in over the years getting procedures and surgeries done that they had to wait for in Canada..And met hundreds of nurses that were Canadians, and had come down here Because the govt set their salaries, and they couldn't get raises...
It such a bill would be so well "crafted" (Demspeak for jumbled) as the ACA, we will have every Hispanic within 750 miles south of the border sitting on the steps of the SS office and Dept of state offices within a week...and half or more would be in first stages of labor. We have been invaded, and Leahy wants a Trojan horse on paper to bring in another 11 million to match the 11 million we already here here. Is that what he means by a "fair and balanced" legislation? WHY SHOULD THEY GET CUTS AHEAD OF THE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS? Leahy wants new Democrats. not new Americans.
It is...and if a white guy mentions it..we are inescapably racists. It doesn't matter that a huge majority of violent crimes committed in some Chicago..are done by African Americans or Hispanics...It's just a fact..But hey,,white folks can't put it into a bill ..only black folks can. will never happen. Can't profile, ya know.
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