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Sanger is one of Hillary's heroines...
If ever a thing or act was evil...that is one of them. She will be the next head of HHS, if Sebelius decides to crawl back under her rock.
George Wallace got 'saved", and he switched parties, and became an outspoken champion for civil rights for black citizens..
You, too, turkey. Jump
Jump the hell out of this forum. Off topic, and flagged.
Heehee ! That's cold.
Food Stamps is Obama's rendition of "Hoovervilles'.
So I guess "evolving" is the same as "flip flopping"?
Guess they figure the cartels aren't there, and they already have plenty of weapons.
Wonder how Joe Blow will react to them taking his advice..Bet ya see him backpeddle faster than Bozo the Clown on a unicycle.
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