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He is narcissist..He doesn't even see that that election was a stick in the eye for his lack of performance in favor of America and her traditions..Incredibly dense.
The only thing Dingy Harry cando that will haul his nuts out of the fire, is to find Obama guilty of un-American activities, treason and racketeering in an impeachment trial.
And you didn't do much to stop him, that I can see..
Save the taxpayers money, Barack. Reid is toast. You put the knife into him a long time ago.
America said "WE DO NOT WANT HIS PROGRAMS ANY MORE"...And he damn well better listen, or the Dems that are running for office again in 2016 are going to be going against a fast tide of opposition, because they were protecting him for the past two years. The man is insane. I am sure of it. Narcissism is a form of mental instability..
Barack. Elvis said to tell you "hi".
They own a lot of power in southern NV. And Harry Reid's son helped them to buy it..
It will lead to unemployment. Big time. If they are legal, they will not be "under the table" any more, and the employer will have to pay them minimum wage, instead of the much lower amount they were getting while hiding out. So..their position will be dropped, putting them on welfare or unemployment. ..More negative employment.
BULL$HIT. I don't care if he calls it pistachio ice cream..IT IS STILL AMNESTY.
She will learn "Welfare", Clinic', Social Security", and maybe Rent Assistance."
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