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He also admitted his grades were terrible leading up to college. It just astounds me that a man with no experience in anything rose to fast thru the ranks to become president. There are good, honest people out there who actually want to give back to their communities and they can't get elected street sweeper.
Reyner - Chicago teachers have on of the shortest teacher workdays in the US
MDEETS - Obama is that same guy who had no time to meet with his jobs council or PM Netanyahu but has gone on to party with Beyonce once again.
Sorry Reyne, but when yo are a teacher, you will be spending your day with kids. Yo are not babysitting, you are supposed to be teaching them. I don;t get the babysitting line. YOU ARE NOT BABYSITTING. Where did that even come from. Of course you will have to spend time with kids if you are a teacher.
Mayor "Gollum - My Presciousssss" Emanuel is catering to teh biggest voting block, plain and simple.
Reyne - They knew that before they got into teaching.
Oh I don't know, things like day camp?. Also there are older kids who can babysit.
Funny you mention that because its against IL state law to strike concerning items OTHER than salary, which is what they are doing.
Why do teachers even need a union? So they don't fall into a meat grinder? To make sure the coal mine has safe working conditions? How about an 8 hour workday? Oh that's right, on top of everything else, the Chicago Teachers also have one of the shortest workdays among teachers nation wide. They are also striking against a longer day that would bring them closer to the national average
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Maddow and the NPR-MSNBC Alliance

Steve1650 Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 2:40 PM
I just googled images for Terry Gross. I didn't know he was that old
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The Broken Promise That Can Beat Obama

Steve1650 Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 2:35 PM
Unfortuately, Obama will win again for two reasons: 1) A record number of blacks will vote for him again simply because he is half black 2) The majority of people who voted for him the first time will vote for him again because they don't want to admit they chose wrong. Hell, they even buy into his "this will take more than one term, he even said so" routine. he also said if he couldn't fix it in three years, then he would be a one-term president. Looks like he lied there too
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