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I want that turd in prison. no parole.
Transport them back to their own country.
One way to get the "good guys' out of harms way..just leaving the turds for the Israelis to deal with.
Four dead, you idiot. Americans, you idiot. Murdered, a$*$gas.
"Aide! Where's my fiddle! Quickly, my man!"
Retaliation for what? All the food we have given, them over the years?..For the two nuclear reactors Slick Willy gave them in the early 90s? What, exactly is he going to mercilesly flaggelate us for?
My heart bleeds for that little humunculus.
Well, the publisher is the one stupid enough to front that dingbat harridan. He deserves to lose his shirt.
Arne Duncan is a very typical Obama plant. He runs the Ed department..but never spend day one in a classroom teaching. Kagen never spent Day one as an actual judge sitting on the bench. Yet she is in the SCOTUS. Obama is the CIC of all military in America..and he wasn;t even in the Boy Scouts or military ever..
We called that "growler patrol" around the pool...Obama is a "growler'.
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