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Obama does his #2 on the constitution on a daily basis.. She just admitted it.
They already gave her immunity, when she was first sitting before that congressional comittee...she just clammed up and then took the Fifth..even with immunity. That's why they need to go after her now, and no Fifth protection any more..Then toss her fat a$$ in prison until she decides to cough up some info.. putting stops on her bank accounts would help..
She couldn't ..the swamp is her home..
Ol' grossboy is just comic relief to Crazy Ray, only he writes shorter lines of bull$hit.
Hup..he PROMISED them a reform package back when he was compaigning in both 2008, and 2012. He even gave them a timeline that he would work in...sounds like the same timeline he gave Pakistan, Afghanistan and other enemies..
Not too sharp. lois. She was already given immunity 'way back when, and she then proceeded to shut up, and take he fifth. That's why she is now in contempt of congress. Had she talked, and not taken the Fifth, she would be better off. Now,,they have her by the nads for lying, pobstruction of justice, snd unethical use of a public office..aka malfeasence in office. Too late to give her immunity.
She took them on, all right.. like a prostitute pulls a train in a no-tell motel..
A person who tells the truth never needs to remember what they said. They KNOW what they said.
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