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Bull$hit spam
Tell that to Bernie Madoff, and see if he splits his gut laughing.
Bull$hit spam.
Tagged and flagged for spam and pure bull$hit.
He would have to serve with Bill and Hill, if he did. Remember Chinagate?
Nice plan. He wants 3,000 troops to go over and fight Ebola..but not an enemy. Guess he intends them to stomp on those danged viruses. I can save him money by having him ship over 3,000 pairs of boots to Africa, and have THEM stomp on the little critters.
The flooding over our borders of millions of unknown people over the last few years, for one. The diseases they are bringing, and the money it costs of incarcerate, educate, medicate, pay rent assistance, etc..and we are broke.
Who died and left that imbecile in charge of anything?
But a vote poll worker can't ask anything? Or a cop put out a person's description by mentioning his or hers race? Gimme a damn break.
That can't be Obama said all Americans, including the 30 million that WEREN'T insured would have insurance. 3 years and running for that one..
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