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That sort of cra*p is why I do not donate to PBS.
The IWW used to be called "Woblies'.
The only thiin g those girls are lacking is having a grandfather with more than 5 or 6 brain cells firing..
Too bad. The SOB gets what he wanted.
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CBO Report: Obamacare Denting Labor Force

Steve1579 Wrote: 19 hours ago (12:00 PM)
Bee Ess.
In looking at something rationally...I have no concern for a professional baby killer. An abortionist is lower than a lawyer, or debt collector. Even lower than a government worker..
Easy to fix. Go after the wells and refineries. Like Saddam did in Kuwait.
Like the nice people at IRS who have been going after conservative groups withoout any charges or trials? Those guys?
She drained the swamp, but she drained it into a septic is still there.
There ya go again..embarassing your folks.
A Total naval blockade, and land blockade is now in order.
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