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Pugnacious is just another word for a$$*hole.
Pocahontas had a bigger following than she does.
And I can't figure out how a person that says they love America, and our heritage, can vote Democrat..
NAACP is the biggest racist organization in America. I mean..if we had a National Association for the Advancement of White people..they would scream bloody murder..And, the NAACP has no interest in a black person if he or she happens to be a Conservative. That, in itself says a lot about them.
So goes California's wild slide down into the toilet of stupid decisions...
Be a patriot and fight off an enemy,,,,Obama ignores you and lets you be murdered. Be a deserting enemy collaborator,,you get praise and probably a raise. Something wrong with that picture?
Uh oh...guess who will be the next Cabinet member if one of the present criminals steps down..
When is his Court Martial?
If America was as racist as you say, Barack and Eric...you wouldn't even be in the job you are in right now. As 19% of America is black...There had to be a hell of a lot of whites that voted for you two buzzards.
I want that turd in prison. no parole.
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