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Stuff it, Geraldo. Where the sun doesn't shine. .
We need to be more discriminating about who comes here from certain nations, and seal the Border..The camel's nose is already in our tent (Dearborn Mich)..and his head and shoulders are in the Brit tent..they are going to have lods of problems, I'm afraid..
Started my sons into shooting when they were 5 or 6..Hopefully, they will never have to use what I taught them 'way back when..except for the target shooting and hunting skills..All three shoot better than I can..with handguns, at least..
To a liberal, true free speech threatens their power base.
They allow both sides to provide input,, unlike the idiots like MSNBC And CNN.
Talking about himself again..Getting a bit monotonous..He is entirely welcome to go back to Puerto Rico..
Wrong. The fatality rate since Roe V Wade is over 56 million babies. 100% for them.
What will God do? He is the one that says "woe be to any who will harm my children'.
Why is a person that murders a pregnant mom chaerged with a Capital or double murder, when itis determined that the victim of said homocide was pregnant? have a good answer to that? Huh, Flamer?
Named to the bench by Barack Obama, and forced through without debate by cloturwe vote by Harry Reid. Remember the change to the filibuster laws when concerned with the naming of Fed judges. This guy was a plant. There to do just this. May God have mercy on hiis soul, and Obama's and Reids. Dead babies will come from tis one. A lot of dead babies.
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