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Yeah, Jim..I am a tad sceptical about that, too..I don't believe a single red cent was recovered.
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Why Are The Poor, Poor?

Steve1579 Wrote: 50 minutes ago (5:52 PM)
My wife had over $14K taken from my wife's checks last year. I know for a fact that we could have used that money for a lot better purposes than Uncle is spending it on. I guarantee it. Bureaucrats all think that their project is more important than YOUR project, and that they are correct in hijacking your paycheck.
Gosnell is the most prolific mass murderer in our history. He rates being up there with Vlad the Impaler now..And his abbatoir was owned by Eric Holder's Sister in law. And Holder's wife also owns another abortion "clinic". The Family of Death.
I was a member of AARP for a couple years, back about 4 years ago. The AARP kept pushing Obamacare in their blurbs. When the real details came out about it, and people started abandoning (I dropped them, too) AARP, they suddenly started Emailing us, and hardmail asking for more "voluntary" gifts, to help their more unfortunate members make their premiums.. Had to laugh about it. A lot.
Bee Ess. Same cra*p you pit on EVERYTHING.
Flagged as off topic bull$hit. Story hap[ens tpo be about Chicago changing data. Willy, you disappoint me.
I prefer the .45 round to Center Mass as a good method.
I read that just last weekend there was 34 murders in Chicago. It is WORSE than Sandy Hook. Except..most of those offed in Chicago won't be missed by many...
And hois brother is one of the guys that helped "craft" Obamacare.
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