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Even If Your Child Is Gay...

Steve146 Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 9:00 AM
Why do you believe the right to marry is 'unmerited' in the case of gays? Did you earn your 'right' to be married? And why is your disapproval 'rightful'? Just admit you're a bigot, and wear it proudly! Don't be ashamed of what or who you are! Marriage is just a way of saying 2 people are consenting to shared ownership of their things, and shared responsibility for what they do. Why the hangup about a word? Civil unions...? Marriage...? Are people who go to a J.P. not 'married'?

Last week, Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio announced that he had reversed his position on same-sex marriage. The reason was that his son had come out to him and his wife as gay.

This is not the first such instance. Periodically, we hear about Republican politicians whose child announces that he or she is gay, prompting the parent to change his mind about the man-woman definition of marriage.

As a parent, I understand these parents. We love our children, and we want them to love us.

Nevertheless I differ with their decisions to support the redefinition...