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I agree that Prager's argument strays a bit. I am a PSU alum, I am also a former journalist from a time when we used to actually research facts, get both sides of an issue, and when jumping to conclusions and getting something wrong were mortal sins. My POV is that the NCAA is acting kind of like Obama in this case. If Obama wants something, and can't get it through the usual process of government, he just does it by presidential fiat... If Obama wants to score some political points, he leaks classified info on the Bin Laden assassination to show the world how tough he is. continuing.....
So far, there is no 'proof' of a coverup at PSU... an overblown set of conclusions from a former FBI admin guy. We may find 'proof' down the road, as the legal system hashes out what happened there during the trials of PSU adminstrators. Of course, catching a young girl in the men's showers with an old man would illicit a different response. Your ignorance, and your willingness to show it by stating the the university covered up 'every pedophile act' of Sandusky. They knew of '1' incident... in the showers at Lasch building. That's it. But folks like you have crafted this scenario where everyone at PSU knew about all of Sandusky's sordid activities. Absolutely moronic.
No one ever called Paterno "Papa Joe".
Nah, Rob... we should blame your children. Isn't that the way most of these pseudo-righteous bloggers think about the PSU issue?
Billy, you are creepy. Between the straw man arguments, and your condescending categorizations, I wonder if you actually really think about what you're writing. You are the thought leader of the witch-hunt, quick to judgment, guilt by association crowd.
But Tacit, the issue here is there are no NCAA rules covering up an act that protects the image of a program. Their power/punishment in this area is not defined. There's no proof that turning Sandusky in in 2001 would have hurt the program. He was a former coach. If they'd turned him in, they'd face scrutiny for the '98 incident, but would have been seen more positively. BTW, the '98 incident was not initiated by the university, it was the county DA and local police that carried out the investigation... and evidence is sketchy that Paterno knew anything about '98. So why would they be 'so afraid' of the neg publicity in 2001 ?? Where's the real motivation for their so called 'evil' coverup? The truth will come out.
No, he sounds like a lunatic because he really does sound like a lunatic.
Can you possibly paint with a broader brush? If you want to talk about the subject, do it already! But everyone just bringing out the insult mallets, trying to do the 'whack-a-mole' on the GOP and the Dems is just plain stupid. The reason we're in such trouble is because so many people don't know how to converse, and immediately resort to name-calling and categorization. It's moronic.
Your comments are scatterbrained, and essentially moronic. I'm a republican, and I'm embarrassed that you probably tell everyone that you are, too.
Gary... it wasn't austerity that put the Euro-Zone in a deep, dark pit of economic shite. It was the lack of austerity; lifetime perks for every public worker, early retirements, too much government involvement in the private sector. People there looked down their noses at others around the world, "...aren't we the model of sophistication?", and "socialism works!" Now they're sinking, because they're governmental models simply can't sustain themselves. And 'trickle-down economics' is simply a derisive term for the way things have always worked... and I do mean 'WORKED'... people who have achieved success help fuel the success of others by hiring them, promoting them, and mentoring them... and those people create their own businesses.
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Immoral Beyond Redemption

Steve146 Wrote: Jun 06, 2012 8:53 AM
Oh, and just can't let that statement: "...since people are inherently greedy & selfish.." go unchallenged. I tend to see Americans as generous & ambitious, brave & loyal, sacrificing & innovative. Try very hard not to paint us with some broad brush of negativity & narrow-mindedness. Our country has given, and gives... in money, resources & blood... to the rest of the world. Your focus ought to be on Congress, whose greed has turned them into a group of self-serving elitists, determined to be our "rulers", not our representatives... whose only consistent thoughts are about how they stay in power, and how to make more money from their 'masters'. But if your quest to is 'despise the rich', then I can't say 'good luck' to you.
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